VOGO, a simplified joint stock company under French law with a capital of 64,400 Euros, and with its headquarters at 101 Place Pierre Duhem, 34000 Montpellier, is registered under the number 793 342 866 RCS. The current Terms Of Service rule the usage by "clients" of VOGO SAS, "the seller" of the VOGO SPORT application. All versions in any language give way to the French version which is the legally binding version for the client-seller relationship. VOGO SAS reserves the right to adapt or modify the TOS at anytime. Clients cannot claim that they were not aware of any such applicable rulings and are invited to consult the CGU on a regular basis for changes and updates to the present conditions.

VOGO SAS, the editor and owner of VOGO SPORT allows clients to visualize, using their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet), images of a sports or cultural event. The application exclusively addresses spectators of these events who have, in their possession, a right of access, whether free or purchased. The client cannot and should not use the application outside of the event zone.

The client’s responses to data requested are optional with the exception of email, which is necessary to access the VOGO SPORT application. The absence of required information however, will invalidate the order. The client will not change, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, represent, reproduce or publish any or all of the images or sounds resulting from the use of the VOGO SPORT application.

VOGO will not be held responsible in the case of a malfunctioning service from VOGO SPORT, no matter what the cause. It is clearly understood by the client that the image quality shown by the application can be degraded by the geographic position of the client at the location or by the user’s device. VOGO remains at the disposition of a list of valid user devices that function with the VOGO SPORT application.

VOGO declines all responsibility in case of the interruption of the application, errors in software/software bugs or functionality errors as well as in case of damages, direct or indirect, whatever the cause(es) of origin, that could prevent access to the VOGO SPORT application.

VOGO reserves the right to insert and include publicity into the VOGO SPORT application. This can be any type of publicity using the Internet and on mobile, including, but not limited to banners, advertising texts, images and key words, interstitials, films, animations, etc.

France is the legal jurisdiction for any TOS. In the event of a dispute between two or more members regarding the application and interpretation of these articles of association, and falling all friendly settlement, the parties may either bring their cases before the French courts of law or appeal to an arbitration procedure.

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