The KNVB renews its partnership with VOGO in the top amateur league!

Many years after their first order of VOKKERO systems in the 1st and 2nd leagues, the KNVB is now using VOKKERO UNITY* in the 3rd league.

The customer

The Royal Dutch Football Association is the governing body of football in the Netherlands. It organises the main Dutch football leagues (Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie), the amateur leagues, the KNVB Cup, and the Dutch men’s and women’s national teams.

With 1.2 million members, the KNVB is the biggest sports association in the country.

The brief

The KNVB has been using VOKKERO ELITE communication systems for many years for professional football in the 1st National League and VOKKERO SQUADRA in the 2nd National league. Recently, they needed to use audio systems in the top amateur men and women leagues (3rd national level).

The deployed solution

The KNVB previously used the VOKKERO SQUADRA system, developed before VOKKERO ELITE. Last October 31, VOGO stopped selling VOKKERO SQUADRA and launched the new VOKKERO UNITY* range which complements our audio communication systems for all referees at any levels.

VOKKERO UNITY* kits have been deployed within football and futsal of the KNVB’s top amateur league.

The result

Easy communication with assistant referee

The assistant referee can give advice, cooperate and talk about a situation with a referee.

“The VOKKERO UNITY* audio communication system will definitely improve the quality of the refereeing at this level of amateur sport”, says René Mijderwijk from Referees’ department.

Improve the level of young referees

“Young referees are educated and prepared to professional football through a talent programme. With the VOKKERO UNITY*, they could start experiencing the use of communication system.

In an earlier stage, once they are promoted to professional football, the level is already much higher when it comes to communicating with the assistant referees”.

Improvement of quality

“What we currently experience is that we have the VOKKERO SQUADRA in the 2nd national division, which is professional football. But today, the audio quality of the new VOKKERO UNITY* sets is actually better than the VOKKERO SQUADRA’s. Therefore, the quality of the audio in the Third division is better than the one in the Second division”, adds René Mijderwijk with a smile “and we now also use the VOKKERO UNITY* sets in our 1st national women league”.

*VOKKERO UNITY is named and sold as VOKKERO VARSITY II in the USA.

“We received the VOKKERO UNITY* sets last August and have used them in more than 100 matches so far and still, we are very happy with them. The quality is great. It is easy to use. The referees are very happy. And I am sure that the clubs will appreciate this extra possibility to enhance the quality of refereeing”.

René Mijderwijk,
Referees’ department

The solutions we use

Discover the solutions used in this case study

Sport Solution audio

A brand-new addition to our range of audio solutions, the VOKKERO VARSITY II makes professional quality accessible to all. It contributes to the fairness of sporting events by enabling referees to make a reliable decision in a short space of time.