Manganelli Events adopts the VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS

Specializing in events and audiovisual services, Manganelli Events has been using VOKKERO for several years for its broadcast and recording services.

The brief

Manganelli Events discovers VOKKERO with rental through Tapages. They then decide to invest in their own kits, as the product meets the majority of their use cases. What they like most about these show radio systems: A rapid deployment and easythe robustness beltpack, the scope, l’efficiency of the system that “does the job” and the price

Why choose VOKKERO?

At the time of investment, the choice of the GUARDIAN PLUS was confirmed by the price offered. And all parameters (functionality, range, audio) were satisfactory compared with more complex (and more expensive) systems. Manganelli Events deploys the GUARDIAN PLUS for “extreme” events such as the Yonne Supercross, as well as for more conventional, corporate, indoor events (conventions, sports). Our added value isn’t what’s in the flight-cases, it’s the competitiveness of our solutions. By including VOKKERO on our service quotations, the final price for the customer [production ou location] becomes more attractive. Thanks to VOKKERO, we’re streamlined and more competitive.
Previously, each phase of the service required different systems (walkie-talkies during installation, and intercom + control unit during operation). With GUARDIAN PLUS, the same communication system is used for both phases (push-to-talk during installation and full duplex during operation). The benefits are felt immediately: less material to take out and a controlled budget for the end customer!

J. Aubrun,
Audiovisual equipment manager

The solutions we use

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