Spectator solution

Immerse spectators in the heart of the event and make them part of the show.

Turn your spectators into “spect’actors

Concert, festival, show, opera, fashion or cultural event? Offer an innovative experience to on-site spectators, with smartphone access to multiple viewing angles, the ability to zoom in and out, and the chance to review highlights.

VOGOLIVE PULSE, a solution for every event

Available via a stand-alone mobile app or integrated into your official app, VOGOLIVE PULSE offers real-time access to video streams from an event.

VOGOSCOPE PULSE, a plug & play video capture and broadcast solution

Whether spectators are present at the event or at home, VOGOSCOPE PULSE adapts, films and broadcasts these events. The solution offers an interactive and immersive experience for spectators present at the event, and enables those who were unable to attend to follow the event from home.

Re-invent the audience experience at your events
Unprecedented functionality at your smartphone’s fingertips

VOGO’s PULSE solutions are available via a mobile application (stand-alone or integrated into your official app) dedicated to the general public and VIPs. Spectators have real-time access to the event’s video feeds and enjoy multiple angles of view on the stage. Plunged into the heart of the event, they connect to the camera, which films the drummer, guitarist and singer at a concert; the orchestra at an opera; the various stages of a festival…

Own capture or via VOGO

VOGO’s PULSE solutions are available in 2 formats. If you film your event, we broadcast the streams you generate. If you don’t have cameras in place, we deploy a turnkey solution that allows you to film and broadcast live.

Optimized connectivity

Our solutions are based on proprietary, patented technology that ensures seamless broadcasting at the event venue, regardless of the number of simultaneous users. We rely on the existing wifi network and/or 4G and 5G networks.

On-site and off-site for fans

Do you want to broadcast content only within the event venue? We set up our geo-location module to limit flows within the defined area.
Do you want to extend the visibility of your fans?
Opt for our Virtual Plaza solution and sell tickets to fans who are not on site.

They trust us

Proprietary solutions,
customizable to your needs

Our solutions are characterized by their simplicity, performance and adaptability. They are adapted to customer needs and user usage. Their functionality, ergonomics and cost are carefully studied beforehand.

VOGO PULSE adapts to specific needs
of each event.
Here are a few examples.

From the bleachers furthest from the stage, the spectator has access to the cameras, which film the singer in close-up, his musicians and the dancers. He experiences the concert as if he were sharing the stage with his favorite band.

Wherever they are in the festival grounds, fans can view what’s going on on each stage on their smartphone, so they can choose their favorite artist or follow one of the concerts as a “second screen”.

Spectators enjoy views of the orchestra and backstage. Using on-board or on-stage cameras, he can experience the performance alongside the singers. It also accesses the play’s subtitles, and why not the program and unpublished content about the play and the artists.

A traditional fashion show features no fewer than 150 pieces, which are paraded in just a few minutes. For the spectator, access to the cameras filming the models at various points on the catwalk and to those focusing on accessories, shoes, etc., means that details of cut, material and play of shapes can be revisited, which is very useful for guests and journalists.

Want to follow a conference or round table from the show aisles or another auditorium? This is possible with VOGO PULSE solutions, which enable multiple simultaneous live video and audio streams for visitors and participants.

Our solutions
dedicated to spectators

VOGOLIVE PULSE is a solution dedicated to enriching the experience of your spectators inside the event venue, broadcasting video and audio streams of the show in real time, for a total and unprecedented immersion.

The VOGOSCOPE PULSE is an interactive and immersive solution that considerably enriches the fan experience by letting the “spec’actor” control our match cameras. An intense experience to increase your fan base.

Business Cases

The customer AGORA is a musical theater collective working at the interface of musical theater and digital media. AGORA has teamed up with LUX:NM, known for combining opera with contemporary music and electronics. AGORA and LUX:NM create and produce resolutely modern and innovative opera performances throughout Europe. Far from the codes of classical opera, their […]

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Live and replay audiovisual solutions for events

Event livestream management

The livestream control room is an essential audiovisual solution for live events, as it enables the simultaneous broadcast of the event over the Internet to remote viewers. This solution includes a multi-camera control room, which can capture different angles of view to offer viewers an immersive viewing experience.
Event professionals have understood the importance of livestreaming to reach a wider audience. It can also be used to monetize the event through the sale of virtual tickets or online advertising.

A fans’ platform

The fan platform is where spectators can access the live broadcast of the show. This platform can be customized to suit the needs of the event, and can include features such as the ability to comment live or take part in polls.
The fan platform is also a meeting place for fans of the event, where they can interact with each other and share their experiences. It’s an effective way of creating a community around the event and retaining spectators for future events.

Livestream of the show

Livestreaming is a key element of modern event planning. It enables us to reach a wider audience and offer an immersive viewing experience to remote viewers. The quality of the retransmission is paramount for an optimal viewing experience, which is why a multi-camera control room is often used to capture different angles of view.

Livestreaming can also be monetized through the sale of virtual tickets or online advertising. It offers an additional revenue-generating opportunity for event organizers.
By using a fan platform and a livestream control room to broadcast the show live, event professionals can offer an immersive, personalized viewing experience to remote spectators, while generating additional revenue for the event.