The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE, dedicated to medical teams and staffs
top-level sportsmen and women, combine our solutions
proprietary and patented audio & video.

A complete audio and video solution for sports and medical decision-making

Using the same installed solution, medical teams (doctors, physiotherapists, etc.) and sports staff (video analysts, coaches, trainers, etc.) benefit from a turnkey tool that enables them to react more quickly.

Turnkey :
2 proprietary solutions operated by 1 single service provider

An integrated audio and video service that guarantees quality of execution and a single point of contact for medical teams and sports staff.
These solutions are ergonomically designed, enabling users to get to grips with them quickly and with greater autonomy.

The Bundle: our 2 combined video/audio solutions
in 1 system

VOGOSPORT STAFF is a live & replay video system dedicated to medical teams and sports staff. Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, it provides doctors, trainers, video analysts and other staff with a decision-making tool they can use independently.

The VOKKERO STAFF is a communication system specifically designed for technical teams in sport: coaches, medical team

How does it work?

First, the VOGO server retrieves the images from the TV cameras. These images can then be made available on various media: hardened tablets, touch screens at the edge of the pitch or in a dedicated room.

The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE is the perfect tool to support physicians in their roles of medical supervision, injury diagnosis and suspicion, and concussion protocol (HIA). The solution’s video and audio functionalities have many advantages. On the one hand, they enable better visualization of shocks, injuries and player reactions, and on the other, quick and clear communication between doctors. The solution enables better management and anticipation of injuries.

Then, the video solution is coupled with an audio solution, the VOKKERO STAFF, which offers hands-free, instantaneous and secure communication between the various teams of sports, medical and refereeing staff.

If the sporting event is not televised, it is possible to benefit from the VOGO STAFF QUICK BUNDLE solution, which includes the installation of our own cameras. Sports and medical staff will be able to benefit from the combined audio and video solution.

They trust us
to the specific features of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

VAR or VAR light configuration, centralized or decentralized, with a number of VAR, AVAR or RO stations that can be adapted to suit the competition.
Fixed solution installed in a stadium or central PC, or mobile in vans or stand-alone kits.
Close collaboration with FIFA on the VAR light program.
VOL option available.

Fixed or mobile TMO configuration, remote or sideline/stand media. Can be combined with the VOGOSPORT STAFF video assistance solution for HIA protocols.

Watch a basket in slow motion, from the Arena’s overhead camera.

View riders’ tricks in slow motion, zooming in on the image from cameras positioned at the top of the ramps.

Follow all the gymnasts on the apparatus represented, whereas the TV feed only shows one athlete at a time on one apparatus. Zoom in on a specific socket or reception. Access figure notation rules…

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Combined video and audio solution for televised sports refereeing

The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE is a turnkey solution for sports staff and medical teams, combining the VOGOSPORT STAFF solution with the VOKKERO STAFF. This solution enables you to view live & replay images and communicate optimally in real time, with impeccable audio quality thanks to VOKKERO‘s full-duplex technology. It also integrates the HIA (Head Injury Assessment) protocol for medical teams to ensure greater player safety.
The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE is a complete audio and video chain, enabling optimum coordination and collaboration between the various staff teams. With this solution, teams can manage games and training sessions with complete peace of mind.

State-of-the-art audio and video communication for top-level sports staff

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE is the ideal solution for medical and sports staff working in the most demanding environments of top-level sport. This exclusive solution from VOGO is specially designed to meet the unique needs of teams who need to communicate quickly and effectively during sports competitions.

Faultless communication for the medical staff

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE enables medical teams to stay connected at all times thanks to state-of-the-art audio and video communication . Thanks to this solution, teams can coordinate quickly and efficiently, which is crucial in the event of a medical emergency. The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE ‘s features enable seamless communication between medical staff, even in the noisiest environments.

The communications solution of choice for professional sports teams

Professional sports staff rely on the VOGO ELITE BUNDLE for real-time audio and video communication . This solution enables team members to stay connected and coordinated, which is essential for team success. With its exceptional radio range and superior audio quality, the VOGO ELITE BUNDLE is the communications solution of choice for professional sports staff.
In short, the VOGO ELITE BUNDLE is the most advanced audio and video communications solution for medical teams and top-level sports staff. With its innovative features and outstanding audio quality, this solution guarantees flawless communication for teams working in the most demanding environments. Trust VOGO to meet your most critical communication needs.