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Molded hearing protectors


Operators in industrial environments are faced with two challenges: to have effective hearing protection against all the environmental noise present in their workplace, and to be equipped with high-performance communication equipment for real-time exchanges with other interlocutors. VOGO is committed to responding to these issues, and offers the right equipment, combining hearing protection in industry with a high-performance communication system.

Vibrations and shocks from machinery, the start-up of industrial machines, the use of tools, the movement of heavy objects, even explosions… All these noise nuisances, common in industrial sectors, expose operators in the vicinity to health risks. In particularly noisy environments requiring robust equipment, noise-canceling headsets are the perfect choice. They combine hearing protection with clear communication in noisy environments. Thanks to optimized acoustic design and seals to reduce external noise, noise-canceling headsets are the perfect hearing protection for industry.

VOKKERO micro-earpieces from VOGO are specially designed for custom hearing protection in industrial environments. Our micro-ear solutions can be fitted to your custom-molded earplugs, providing optimal acoustic filtration and comfort for operators. They are also equipped with a micro-boom to attenuate extraneous noise, facilitating team communication.

VOGO’s VOKKERO micro-earphones are lightweight and space-saving, just like bone conduction Bluetooth headsets, making them ideal for industrial environments and all-day wear by operators.
Communicating effectively

The STARCOM solution | COTRAL

StarCom’s EN 352-2 and 352-6 certified solution combines a molded-in hearing protector with acoustic filtration adapted to your environment, with the VOKKERO SEN423 boom microphone.

Hearing headset protection

The SEN 430 is a boom microphone designed to be fitted with custom-molded Interson earplugs.

BoomMic solution | ELACIN

The RC BoomMic solution is EN 352-2 and 352-6 certified noise-cancelling PPE combining a pair of custom-made hearing protectors (Elacin RC) with a microphone capable of neutralizing ambient noise.

Our products compatible with molded hearing protectors

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The VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS walkie-talkie features 16Khz HD audio, for clear, intelligible communication, and hardened encryption for the most critical applications.

Audiovisual Solution audio

VOKKERO SHOW is a stand-alone wireless intercom system designed for audiovisual productions and live events.

Elite Sport Video solution

VOGOSPORT ELITE is a live & replay video system dedicated to professional referees, which adapts to the specifications of each sport and each match configuration (e.g. VAR remote, decentralized, etc.).

Elite Sport Video solution

VOGOSPORT STAFF is a live & replay video system dedicated to medical teams and sports staff. Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, it provides doctors, trainers, video analysts and other staff with a decision-making tool they can use independently.

Elite Sport Video solution

The VOGOSPORT PULSE is a “second screen” video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.

Sport Video solution

The VOGOSCOPE PULSE is an interactive and immersive solution that considerably enriches the fan experience by letting the “spec’actor” control our match cameras. An intense experience to increase your fan base.

Audiovisual Video solution

VOGOLIVE PULSE is a solution dedicated to enriching the experience of your spectators inside the event venue, broadcasting video and audio streams of the show in real time, for a total and unprecedented immersion.

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Moulded hearing protection for your VOKKERO GUARDIAN is the ideal solution for noisy environments such as construction sites, factories or field missions. Our active noise-cancellation headsets guarantee clear, reliable communication with your radio, headset or intercom box, even in the noisiest environments. Active noise suppression eliminates unwanted sounds while allowing clear audio communication. Hearing protection is essential to ensure the safety of your workers and reduce long-term hearing risks. Choose our molded hearing protectors for effective, comfortable hearing protection and communication in the field.