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The VOGO UNITY range supports professional, semi-professional and amateur referees in various divisions. It ensures the accuracy of their decision-making by providing high-performance, autonomous audio and video solutions.

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Clear, instant communication

VOKKERO UNITY is a full-duplex radio communication system. Already configured and ready to use, it is dedicated to semi-professional and amateur referees. Adapted from the benchmark VOKKERO ELITE refereeing communication system, it makes professional quality accessible to all.

Video refereeing for non-televised competitions

The VOGOSCOPE UNITY incorporates a video recording solution, providing referees with a video refereeing tool that can be adapted for both professional and amateur competitions. It thus contributes to the fairness of sporting events.

Easy to use

Dedicated to referees and judges, the VOGO UNITY solution enables rapid, high-performance, autonomous implementation, independent of a TV production solution.

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in hand

Intuitive and ergonomic, the VOGO UNITY solution is quick and easy to understand and use. It contributes to the success of sporting events by helping referees to make reliable decisions in a very short time.

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Proprietary solutions,
customizable to your needs

Our solutions are characterized by their simplicity, performance and adaptability. They are adapted to customer needs and user usage. Their functionality, ergonomics and cost are carefully studied beforehand.

VOGO UNITY adapts to the specific needs of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

VOGO UNITY allows you to film the goals, the stopwatch and the pool, so you can assess when the ball enters the goal, when the attack is made, and when the referees on either side of the pool are able to communicate clearly with each other.

This solution makes it possible to provide professional-style refereeing in amateur tournaments.

Our sports solutions
dedicated to referees

A brand-new addition to our range of audio solutions, the VOKKERO VARSITY II makes professional quality accessible to all. It contributes to the fairness of sporting events by enabling referees to make a reliable decision in a short space of time.

The VOGOSCOPE UNITY, by integrating solutions for capturing and broadcasting live video images, provides referees with an invaluable decision-making tool, and contributes to the fairness of sporting matches.

Business Cases
VOGO STAFF as a video refereeing tool for water polo

In May 2023, for the playoffs of the French Waterpolo Championships in Marseille, the FF Natation wants to implement an easy-to-install, ergonomic and intuitive video refereeing solution, for easy training and use by referees.

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VAR & TMO refereeing solutions for professional and amateur referees in non-televised sports

Referee communication for video refereeing

At VOGO, we understand that communication is crucial to effective video refereeing. That’s why we offer reliable, high-quality communication solutions for amateur and semi-pro referees. Our headsets, headsets and walkie-talkies are designed to provide clear, accurate communication in real time, so referees can make fast, accurate decisions on the pitch.

Earpieces, headsets and walkie-talkies for amateur and semi-pro sports

We offer a range of communication solutions for amateur and semi-pro sports , including headset kits and walkie-talkies. Our full-duplex headsets and earpieces offer clear, reliable communication, even in the noisiest environments. With our communication expertise, we help referees focus on their job and make the right decisions for the sport.

Headset kits for efficient referee communication

Our headset kits are designed for effective communication between referees. With full duplex headsets and reliable communication systems, our headset kits are perfect for amateur and semi-pro sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball and many others. We provide high-performance communication solutions for referees who take their work seriously.
In conclusion, at VOGO we are dedicated to providing high-quality communication solutions for amateur and semi-professional sports referees. With our headsets, headsets, walkie-talkies and headset kits, we provide effective communication solutions so that referees can make fast, accurate decisions on the pitch. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services for referees.