VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS, the audio solution dedicated to civil security and military safety teams.

For reinforced encryption, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS walkie-talkie offers 16Khz HD audio, for clear, intelligible communication in the most critical applications.

Fast and easy deployment

Quick and easy to use, no fixed installation is required to run in minutes.

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS is packed with professional audio features and customizable settings to meet a wide variety of needs.

Restore communication whatever the environment

Wireless and full duplex, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN lets users communicate freely and easily in the most complex situations. Featuring a patented noise filter, it offers clear communication in any environment.

Patented noise filtering

Optimize the intervention of field teams while ensuring their safety. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS full-duplex walkie-talkie creates an instant, permanent conference system, guaranteeing enhanced safety for teams in the field.

What sets us apart

Hands-free system, instant and continuous communication.

Speech prioritization

This feature gives the user priority of speech, enabling critical information to be disseminated.

Enhanced encryption

Exchanges secured by an AES 128 key.

Group mode

Find out how to set up “group mode” on the VOKKERO GUARDIAN walkie-talkie to create discussion subgroups.

They trust us
Business Cases
The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society purchased VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS

The Norwegian Sea Rescue needed radio systems for the rescue workers and the pilot on the vessels.

Audio communication solution for field teams

Professional Hands-Free Walkie-Talkie | Guardian Standard

Connect remote teams

VOKKERO GUARDIAN CONNECT is an extension to the VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio communication system. It connects teams in the field to their remote supervisor via a high-quality audio chain.

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Radio and audio communication for heavy industry

VOKKERO GUARDIAN is the ideal audio communication solution for noisy environments such as heavy industry, railways, energy and general industries. With its radio communication technology, it offers an effective communications solution for teams working in these environments.

A robust audio communication solution for noisy environments and heavy industry

Noisy industrial environments can make communication between team members difficult. With VOKKERO GUARDIAN, communication is made possible thanks to its noise suppression technology. This radio communication solution enables workers to communicate clearly, even in the noisiest environments.

Industrial radio communication to guarantee worker safety

Worker safety is a top priority in heavy industry. VOKKERO GUARDIAN helps guarantee this safety with its hands-free communication function. Workers can therefore concentrate on their work while keeping in touch with their team and site manager.

Hands-free communication for greater worksite efficiency

One of the advantages of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN solution is hands-free communication, enabling teams to work without having to hold their communication device at all times. This can be particularly useful in noisy environments or when workers need to keep both hands free to carry out specific tasks. With this feature, workers can easily communicate with each other without losing efficiency.

Noise cancellation for better audio quality

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN solution incorporates noise suppression technology to improve the audio quality of communications, even in very noisy environments. This feature allows workers to concentrate on their work and not be distracted by ambient noise. What’s more, it reduces hearing fatigue and improves safety on the job site.
In conclusion, VOKKERO GUARDIAN is an innovative audio communication solution that enables teams working in noisy and dangerous environments to communicate easily and effectively. With features such as noise suppression, hands-free communication and enhanced safety, this solution is an ideal choice for heavy industries such as construction, rail, energy and noisy industries.