With DTECH, VOGO equips the Georgian Rugby Federation with VOKKERO ELITE for international and Big 10 matches held in Georgia

As rugby continues to develop, it’s vital to use innovative equipment in order to be efficient and fair.

The customer

The Georgian Rugby Federation was founded in 1964. It was recognized by the International Rugby Board in 1992 and thus became a member organization.

The Georgian Rugby Union brings together all those involved in the practice and development of rugby with athletes, rugby clubs, associations, coaches and referees.

In 2016, the federation joined the World Rugby Council.

The brief

In the event of bad weather or full stands, communication between referees became complicated. The Georgian Rugby Federation wanted to purchase high-performance high-performance audio systems and in particular, in a noisy noisy environment where communication between referees and refereeing staff is paramount.

With DTECH, our partner in Georgia, we have supplied our full duplex VOKKERO ELITE audio system to the GRU. With its noise filter, it is perfectly adapted to referees.

Since 2014, DTECH LLC company has been dedicated to professional communications and networking solutions projects. It has now become an authorized partner of more than 35 leading manufacturers worldwide.

The deployed solution

We have deployed the full duplex communication system VOKKERO ELITE full duplex communication system for the Georgian Rugby Federation’s referees, enabling them to communicate clearly and make reliable decisions quickly.

The earpieces supplied with the VOKKERO ELITE provide excellent audio quality in any environment, thanks to a patented noise filter.

The result


The solution VOKKERO ELITE solution enabled Georgian referees to officiate fairly regardless of weather conditions or the number of spectators, thanks to the earpieces supplied.

Adaptability and quality

Thanks to its patented noise filter, VOKKERO ELITE is the innovative solution for sports environments and excellent audio quality.


Once trained and quickly familiarized with VOKKERO ELITEthe referees are actively using it for important matches, and would like to have it for all future matches.

“A big thank you to VOGO and its partner DTECH, who provided us with a complete set of professional refereeing equipment of the highest standard, making our job much easier. Previously, in windy conditions, bad weather or full stands, it was difficult to hear the voice of the main referee. We received two sets which we use during international and Big 10 matches held in Georgia. I hope that the cooperation will continue and have this equipment for all our matches in the future”.

Saba Abulashvili,
International category referee

The solutions we use

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