Choosing the right referee headset: our advice

Every sporting event, whether professional or amateur, is orchestrated by referees. Refereeing needs to be fast and efficient so as not to disrupt the smooth running of the matches. Referees must therefore be in constant contact and be able to communicate with each other instantly, even when they are dispersed on the field. This is where the headset comes into play: it is an indispensable tool in sports refereeing.

Choosing professional referee headsets appropriate for the sports environment

Being a referee in sports requires you to be constantly on the move on the field in order to follow the actions of the players and to perform the refereeing job correctly. To ensure communication between referees, it is preferable to opt for professional referee headsets that will allow the transmission of all important information to be as responsive as possible during sports matches.

VOKKERO responds to this problem and offers light and robust professional referee headsets. Designed to eliminate pressure inside the ears and around the head, the long-lasting comfort of the VOKKERO earpieces allows referees to fully concentrate on the match in progress.

The micro earpieces are sold in standard sizes, but can also be custom designed and molded to fit perfectly.

The micro earpieces contain a micro boom with a noise-cancelling cup to ensure that information is communicated clearly.

The VOKKERO professional referee earpieces are therefore perfectly adapted to the conditions of sports competitions and help to ensure exemplary refereeing.

Combining headsets with a referee-friendly radio communication system

Combining headsets with a referee-friendly radio communication system

In order to ensure team communication, each referee’s headset must be connected to a complete radio communication system. Push-to-Talk systems are not recommended for sports, as it is necessary to press a button to transmit information. For effective communication in sports environments, full-duplex radio systems such as the VOKKERO ELITE are preferred. The full-duplex technology allows referees to communicate through their headset while keeping their hands free. In addition, full-duplex referee headsets allow all members of a defined group to hear the conversations. This ensures smooth and efficient communication. Each referee is instantly aware of the decisions made.

The VOKKERO ELITE referee headset is a high-end radio communication system, created in collaboration with qualified referees to meet the needs of all. This professional kit ensures flawless communication and responsiveness, without the risk of disconnecting the radio terminals and with the possibility of adjusting the whistle sound level. VOKKERO ELITE is suitable for professional match referees and meets the requirements of refereeing with video assistance. The referee headset also features a patented noise filter that eliminates all extraneous noise such as crowd noise during matches. This way, VOKKERO ELITE keeps and transmits only human voices, always ensuring high quality communication and listening.

Finally, VOKKERO ELITE has an option to record and store all conversations between referees during games. These conversations remain confidential and are secured by a digital encryption solution. The quality of the refereeing is guaranteed and secure!

Choosing the best headset for refereeing: our recommendations

VOKKERO is a brand of communication systems for soccer referees around the world, and offers solutions adapted to all team sports refereeing.

VOKKERO’s professional referee micro earpieces can be custom-molded to provide long-lasting comfort and meet all team communication needs.

For optimal use, opt for the VOKKERO ELITE radio communication kit including professional referee headsets, a Push-to-Talk headset (useful for the linesman), radio terminals, a charger-configurator, armbands, an elastic belt and a soft carrying bag.

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