How to choose the right headset – Our advice

The headset is the essential professional radio communication accessory in noisy environments or if you are looking for optimal comfort over long periods. It ensures good team cohesion and optimizes intervention time and individual reactivity thanks to instant and clear communication. But not all headsets are created equal! Here are our tips for buying the right headset for your business.

Which headset should I choose for live event management?

Managing a live event with an audience or a certain number of participants automatically creates communication constraints. How can you effectively manage your game, your players, around a field of several thousand square meters filled with a screaming crowd? How to control the live broadcast of an audiovisual event without disturbing it, and relay information from the set to the studio, and vice versa?

The VOKKERO professional single-ear headset and professional dual-ear headset are professional audio equipment that perfectly address these issues. The ear cushions are designed to limit hearing fatigue and remain comfortable even during prolonged use. The integrated windscreen is very effective and guarantees crystal-clear sound even outdoors.

Professionnal headset

The single-ear version of the VOKKERO headsets with integrated microphone is particularly suitable for use on set or in the studio in the audiovisual field or even for coaches at the edge of the field who want high quality audio. The person remains in permanent contact with his team without being cut off from his environment, and can thus react quickly while transmitting information.

Coupled with VOKKERO communication systems and intercoms, the sports and audiovisual headsets provide a full-duplex connection, i.e. the microphones remain open at all times. Thanks to this professional audio equipment, communication is hands-free and instantaneous, the user can concentrate entirely on the live management of the event, a match, an audiovisual performance…

Buy a headset adapted to an industrial environment

You are a team leader in the industrial sector and wish to integrate a protection and security dimension to your communication system?

VOKKERO’s professional headsets are the perfect solution for your needs. Our noise-canceling headsets integrate noise reduction devices to protect the hearing of operators in a noisy environment. VOKKERO industrial noise-canceling headsets not only provide a clear and secure connection between team members, they are also designed to reduce noise considerably. The foam- and liquid-filled sealing rings block sound and protect the hearing of employees, who remain focused solely on their task.

Professionnal headset

If you work in the railway maintenance, nuclear, construction or heavy industry sectors, VOKKERO recommends its headsets for industrial professionals with active noise reduction. Thanks to the Volume-Active function, they amplify soft sounds and attenuate loud and sudden noises. Employees are protected at all times, without being cut off from their direct environment, thanks to an adapted professional radio communication system.

Choosing the best professional headset: our recommendation

The choice of your professional headset depends on your working conditions: outdoors or indoors, in a noisy environment, in a sensitive area… VOKKERO offers a wide range of headsets for professionals in the audiovisual, sports and industrial fields. If their characteristics differ slightly to adapt to your constraints, they all have in common the robustness and reliability of VOKKERO, and take your professional radio communication to the next level.

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