How to choose your intercom ?

In the audiovisual industry, a successful production relies mainly on the good integration of the teams, which is why it is important to choose a professional radio communication system adapted to your use case, whether it is for mobile filming, in the studio or in live operation. Here are some keys to help you choose the ideal intercom communication system among the existing audiovisual accessories.

A full duplex intercom to facilitate team communication

The first thing we expect from an efficient intercom for audiovisual is that it can be at the center of your device, while being forgotten as much as possible, to allow you to concentrate on your achievements. Moreover, your future intercom kit will have to be fully duplex and integrate perfectly with your existing professional audio equipment (be compatible with all professional radio communication devices on the market).

In addition to technical compatibility, your intercom must reflect your operating mode and your hierarchical organization. Indeed, the orders sent to your teams will differ according to the skills of your technicians. We therefore recommend choosing an intercom kit capable of managing groups of users. Each group is sure to send and receive only the information essential to its mission, in full duplex, open mic or push-to-talk. As a director, you can either address all groups at the same time for global communication, or a specific group to give instructions.


You should also consider the possibility of integrating “remote” speakers, in other words those who are not located on the site of the operations. For example, a producer posted in the TV control room wanting to talk directly on the intercom of the TV team dispatched to the site of the event.
The Bluetooth option of the VOKKERO intercoms allows you to easily connect any smartphone to your radio terminals, which allows an easy interconnection of a “GSM” speaker on your local intercom network, on the group of your choice.

The essential functions of an intercom for the audiovisual industry

The operating principle of an intercom is adapted to various industrial sectors. In the particular case of the audiovisual sector, several functions are essential for an optimal use.

Requirements differ depending on the context, but in all cases your system should work in full duplex. While some cases require a microphone that is always open for simple and instantaneous transmission during set-up or in the machinery, others require a PTT (push-to-talk) system to keep the intercom line free of unnecessary information. VOKKERO intercoms are designed as 2-in-1 systems and allow you to switch easily from one mode to the other. This reduces the amount of hardware required and saves you money. Moreover, the voice recognition system avoids any intrusion of noise in the intercom.

Environmental noise is the most dynamic variable in audio-visual. The surrounding volume can easily change from silence to noise, from speech to amplified music. Our intercoms are offered with different audio “presets” (Rigging, Live, Studio). These settings can be manually adjusted to suit the particularities of the location and operations, and our audio modules constantly adapt to the ambient noise level, for optimal listening comfort.

During the installation and setup of the system, it is essential for the technicians to have a radio communication system that is not only light and robust, well protected by a suitable case, but also hands-free. The VAD (Voice Activity Detector) technology of the VOKKERO intercoms is based on a selective algorithm that filters the origin of the detected sound, so that the microphone is only opened when a human voice is detected. This avoids noise pollution in full-duplex use, while guaranteeing the safety of technicians.

Deployment, which also makes the difference between intercom systems


Easy and quick deployment of your communication system is also a must in the entertainment industry. You don’t have to waste time setting up your intercom; it should be at your service, not the other way around! The VOKKERO communication systems work without a control unit or antenna and can be set up in only 20 seconds, thanks to the quick configuration menu with LCD screen.

Choosing an intercom kit: our advice

VOKKERO’s GUARDIAN SHOW is a stand-alone wireless intercom system designed for the audiovisual, entertainment and event industries. Without a license, it meets all the needs of the industry thanks to its unique and intuitive functions. Each parameter can be adjusted according to the specificities of the environment.
Its long range and easy deployment make the GUARDIAN SHOW the ideal intercom for all use cases, especially for small and medium sized mobile audiovisual productions.

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