Latest VAR innovation: Launch of the ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE.

Photo: Elite Smart Gateway, VOKKERO by VOGO’s wireless audio interface

VOGO presents its latest VAR innovation 2022: the ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE.

Launch* of the ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE, in addition to the VOKKERO ELITE range

Custom-made to meet the needs of VAR operators, the ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE allows you to monitor the health status of your entire fleet of VOKKERO ELITE communication systems remotely, as well as manage and control their functionalities.

A monitoring solution bundled in 3 services:

  • THE ELITE SMART GATEWAY: the most innovative of all VOKKERO wireless audio interfaces developed by VOGO. Installed at the edge of the field, it’s the brains of the operation. With its on-board technology, you act remotely and instantaneously to guarantee the highest quality of communications between the VAR and on-field referees: interface the audio with different protocols / standards, change frequencies and audio gains automatically or manually, check and modify the reception quality between the ELITE radio communication terminals

  • THE ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD: dashboard accessible via a web browser that allows you to access the data of your ELITE radio communication systems in order to act remotely.


The ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE thus eliminates the risk of audio disconnection and manages radio disturbances while preserving the simplicity and speed of the installation. Thanks to the available Dante digital audio protocol, your communications are now 100% reliable and of the highest quality.

*Slated for release in 2022

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