Sports referees: how to choose your earphones and use them?

The outcome of any sports match depends largely on two parameters: the level of the players, and the efficiency of the refereeing system. While the first requires daily training, the second depends above all on training and an adapted communication system. In the first line: the earphones! Because a professional referee can’t be satisfied with classic consumer earpieces. Here is our advice on how to choose professional headsets adapted to use in the high-level sports sector.

Use professional headsets adapted to the sports environment

Everything happens very quickly in sports. Sanctioning a foul, validating a point, evacuating an injured person… Reactivity is essential, because the game does not wait! The referees, in the heart of the action, must be particularly efficient and have no right to make mistakes: the smooth running of the sporting event and the image of the refereeing community are at stake.

It is therefore essential to invest in a professional communication system, starting with an earphone kit for referees. It is thanks to an instantaneous communication of high quality between the different referees and linesmen that the good management of the match will be assured.

The VOKKERO referee headsets have features dedicated to the world of sports:

  • Totally adapted to a use in noisy environment, inside and outside: stadium, gyms, halls, ice rinks, etc.
  • Full-duplex system: the microphones are permanently open, communication is instantaneous and does not require any manipulation from the staff
  • Presence of a windscreen on the microphone boom
  • Possibility of having a molded ear impression made, for a perfect fit of the professional audio equipment
  • Long-lasting comfort and absence of pressure around the head


Sport referee

Practical, the sports earpieces with Push-to-Talk system prove particularly useful for the official 4ᵉ or the line judge: the microphone is muted by default, and opened thanks to a push of the button when needed.

You will have understood, comfort, hands-free, clarity and reliability of information in all circumstances are among the essential assets of professional earpieces for refereeing.

Choose a proven and reliable professional radio communication system

A headset system for sports refereeing is nothing without a complete and powerful professional audio equipment. The sports headsets are connected to a radio communication system, usually sold in a kit composed of several terminals, which ensure the sending, processing and receiving of information.

Today, a distinction is made between professional radio communication equipment for professional referees and equipment for semi-professional and amateur referees. The latter are generally a simplified and more affordable version of the communication systems for professional referees.

Sport referee

This is the case of the SQUADRA ONE from VOKKERO: simple to use, it has only one communication channel and does not allow video refereeing. On the other hand, the VOKKERO ELITE kit for professional referees offers high-end services, by blocking the various radio interferences present, by offering “broadcast” audio quality, by eliminating any risk of disconnection of the headset, and by integrating a recorder to store the conversations on SD card, among others.

Both benefit from the ambient noise filter, a patented VOKKERO innovation. Noise pollution is eliminated, leaving the field free for human voices only. The audio quality is reliable and without risk of interpretation errors. Finally, VOKKERO SQUADRA ONE and VOKKERO ELITE both offer the possibility to create a permanent, hands-free instant conference.

Whether you are a professional or amateur referee, VOKKERO guarantees you a professional radio communication headset 100% adapted to your use.

Sport referee headset

Choosing the best referee headsets: our recommendation

As a referee or linesman, you can’t afford to make mistakes: choose professional-quality headsets with the right features for your work environment! Full-duplex headset, with or without push-to-talk system, the choice is yours.

If you want to go further, choose the VOKKERO ELITE referee headset. This complete referee kit contains 5 Phonak micro earphones and 1 Phonak micro earphone with Push-to-Talk, 5 armbands, 1 belt, as well as 5 compatible VOKKERO ELITE radio terminals. Make the choice of the world’s number one in professional refereeing since 2005!

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