VOGO’s VOKKERO ELITE audio comms for referees

Almost two years since its release date, VOGO’s VOKKERO ELITE audio communication solution continues to take the world by storm. First released in 2020, the VOKKERO ELITE was born through a period of long-term work and investment. It was designed by referees for referees and it has already been adopted by 50 sports federations.

VOGO has asked sports professionals for feedback on the product.

We contacted our partner and integrator Twenty4seven in Warsaw, Poland. Their representatives, Jakub Antoszewski and Grzegorz Matysiewicz, provided PZPN solution based on world best class VOKKERO ELITE.

Mr Marcin Borkowski who is the referee responsible for the VAR Assistance for the PZPN (Polish Football Federation) and the Ekstraklasa

 for feedback.

The Ekstraklasa

The Ekstraklasa is the highest and Fortuna 1st league is second level of football league in Poland. Both leagues have 18 clubs with 306 matches in a normal season. Today, every game in Polish Ekstraklasa and 1st League is refereed with the use of VOKKERO ELITE.

Marcin Borkowski had previously been using the more than capable VOKKERO SQUADRA but felt the VOKKERO ELITE would be more suitable for the demands of the Ekstraklasa :

We are using the VOKKERO ELITE in 99% of the games in Poland. Sometimes they are even used in the 4th and 5th divisions if they are free to use.

There are sometimes 8 games a week in the Ekstraklasa, therefore the demand is high, and we need to make sure the equipment is always working. We are using VOKKERO ELITE because of the HD sound quality and the battery life.

The first time we turned it on, we could use it straight away because of how easy it is to use. We never have to worry that it won’t work. The difference between the SQUADRA and the ELITE is like the difference between a Mercedes S-Class and a Mercedes A-Class. The SQUADRA however still has a high quality of sound, but the ELITE is more suitable to the demands of the Ekstraklasa.

The only thing I can say to VOGO is ”Keep doing what you are doing!”


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