Wireless intercom for audiovisual industry: Key players give their reviews.

1 year after its release, the wireless intercom system VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW, dedicated to audiovisual and broadcast professional users, already seduced major market players.

The key features highly appreciated by users are already highlighted:

  • Flawless transmission thanks to 500mW transmitting power that enables to cover larger venues or filming sets by one single VOKKERO system, fixed or mobile.
  • Licence-free with affordable price in a widely versatile package.
  • 3 preset modes whether you are in a silent theater, or in a noisy concert hall.
  • Voice Priority function that enables a director to be heard by the entire crew at all time.
  • The ability of an unlimited number of users to freely communicate in full duplex with clear 16MHz audio.


SCEENE (Germany)

Event productions, Filming gear rental.

Photo: Florian Vossberg using VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom during an event production in Hamburg.

Florian Vossberg, Project Manager at SCEENE:

“After months of fruitless attempts to receive a set for trial from different German resellers, things really took a turn for the better after VOGO team in charge of  VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom system referred us to its distributor NORDIC PRO. This company (especially Mr. Kim Jannsen) handled our request promptly and professionally. They contacted us immediately and sent out a trial set right away. What a welcome surprise after we had almost given up on this issue!

You will be pleased to hear, that after having tested the system in a real-world production scenario, we placed our first order with NORDIC PRO for an 8-piece system. So, obviously, we were quite happy with how the VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW system performed during our tests:

  • By far the best speech intelligibility of all Intercom systems I have personally tried during the last 20 years or so.
  • Most comfortable (or better: “least uncomfortable”) to wear over extended periods of time.
  • Very light weight while still feeling reasonably well built.
  • One of the most intuitive UIs.
  • Several features not found in competitors’ systems, at least in this price range (i.e. dedicated groups, BT functionality, etc.).
  • Last but not least: A decent packaging/transport solution that actually works quite well.

Bottom line: The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW system has many more advantages than disadvantages and came out as the clear winner during our tests. Your competitors will have a very hard time coming up with a system that offers more for less!”.

The entire VOGO team is grateful to receive such nice feedbacks that confirm our products is absolutely relevant for all purposes of video and events productions.

Many thanks to our distributor NORDIC PRO GROUP who handled close support of the project, and worked hand in hand with end users to provide best technical solutions for their daily jobs and productions. 

 Wish to know more about VOKKERO intercom solutions for AV market? 



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