Monitor, be alerted, advised and manage all your communication systems remotely

Connected to the latest VOKKERO ELITE SMART GATEWAY wireless solution developed by VOGO, the ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD lets you access and manage the parameters of your VOKKERO ELITE communication systems live from the field or the VOR, via a web browser, tablet or PC.

Ergonomic and easy to use, the ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD has been tailor-made to meet the needs of VAR operators. Several users can supervise the ELITE park live, with different roles (administration, visualization only…) and chat together.


  • Correct initial configuration errors at any time


Receive live notifications on terminal health (battery level, reception quality, radio transmission, disconnection, etc.).


Examine terminal operation


Make the right decisions thanks to the advice provided on each alert.

On-site and remote

Configure ELITE terminal roles remotely and correct any errors


Change radio frequency at any time


Configuring the audio matrix of ELITE systems


Control your radio communication systems live and remotely


Ensure the clearest, most reliable communication

Radio interference

Manage all risks of radio interference

Adjust sound level

Configure whistle sound level remotely

Monitor and control your terminals with an online dashboard

Extract a complete report of match events

Technical specifications

  • VOKKERO ELITE web-based system supervision tool.
  • Works with all your favorite web browsers
  • Password-protected access
  • Administrator or viewer users