This console features a microphone, speaker and PTT (Push-To-Talk) function.
This solution is particularly suitable for remote control or supervision rooms wishing to communicate with a remote team of operators equipped with VOKKERO GUARDIAN.
Recommended for industrial control rooms, production line supervision, central control rooms and main decks in the marine industry.



Built-in microphone and speaker

Micro gooseneck

XLR connection for external gooseneck microphone


Push-To-Talk” or “Latch” button


Perfect match with WI GUARDIAN wireless interface

Technical specifications

  • 250V AC power supply
  • Size 190 x 98 x 180 mm
  • 4-wire circuit
  • Input for external audio source
  • Built-in microphone on front panel or external microphone with gain control
  • Built-in compressor/limiter for external microphone
  • Microphone operating switch
  • Transformer-balanced 4-wire and audio in inputs
  • 4-wire and audio in inputs with gain control
  • Integrated loudspeaker on front panel
  • Headphone jack (speaker bypass)
  • General speaker/headphone volume control
  • XLR audio connectors on rear panel