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Our audio solutions

Our audio solutions support teams working in constrained environments where communication is difficult (sports arenas, concerts, rail and nuclear infrastructures, construction, etc.).

Elite Sport Solution audio

VOKKERO ELITE, world leader in audio communication systems for sports refereeing.

Sport Solution audio

The VOKKERO STAFF is a radio terminal specifically designed for technical teams in sport: coaches, trainers, medical teams, video analysts, etc.

Sport Solution audio

Dedicated to professional and amateur referees.

Industry Solution audio

Dedicated to field teams on industrial sites and activities.

Audiovisual Solution audio

VOKKERO SHOW is a stand-alone wireless intercom system designed for audiovisual productions and live events.

Audio systems
to meet the challenges
your business

Facilitate and enrich interactions between key players in a sporting event or field mission.

in complete safety

VOKKERO audio systems meet the needs of the rail, energy and construction industries.

A solution for everyone
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Solutions for referees

Offer mobility, autonomy and efficiency to professional and amateur referees.

Solutions for sports staff

Analyze player performance and provide personalized support.

Solutions for industrial field teams

Communicate freely and safely in noisy environments.

Solutions for audiovisual technical teams

Providing customized solutions for technical teams at musical and cultural events.

Solutions for medical teams

Assist physicians in their roles of medical supervision, suspicion and diagnosis of injuries.

Business Cases
VOKKERO ELITE, the audio communication system developed by referees, for referees
Solutions for referees

Almost 3 years after its launch, the VOKKERO ELITE audio communication solution continues to conquer the world. Marketed for the first time in 2020, VOKKERO ELITE is the result of a period of intense work and investment. Designed by referees for referees, it has already been adopted by 90% of soccer federations.

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