VOGOSCOPE STAFF is a plug & play video capture and broadcasting solution. A self-contained turnkey system perfectly suited to training sessions and non-televised sporting events.
Thanks to its many data viewing, analysis and sharing functions, technical staff can adapt game strategy and improve sports performance. The medical staff use it to prevent and diagnose injuries.

A complete range of custom kits

From a single-camera backpack kit to a complete installation of more than 10 underwater cameras, not forgetting a mobile multi-camera solution, the VOGOSCOPE STAFF range is perfectly adapted to your sport’s environment, its sporting constraints and your priority objectives in terms of athletes’ physical performance.
Our team of experts works hand in hand with you to define and deploy the solution that perfectly meets your needs.

A powerful coaching tool

A video analysis solution that enables coaches to optimize training sessions and athletes to perform better.
They benefit from immediate video feedback and unlimited replay. The interface offers numerous analysis features: tags, clippings, loop visualization, video stream comparison, drawings, trajectory and speed calculations, etc.
The Cloud associated with the solution, and dedicated to each customer, is an invaluable tool for archiving and sharing video content, a true database enriched over the seasons.

The preferred solution for top-level sports

Intuitive and comprehensive, VOGOSCOPE STAFF is the ally of top-level coaches and athletes in their quest for performance, whether in training or competition.

From gesture analysis during the session to video classification/archiving in a shared cloud, VOGOSCOPE STAFF makes it easy to collect, analyze and share video data, while adapting to individual practices.

Simple functions in a single gesture

No more filming with your smartphone and sorting through endless quantities of video. With VOGOSCOPE STAFF, the cameras shoot, the video player records. Easy-to-use functions let you rewind, tag, clip and draw in just a few clicks.

Whether fixed or mobile, VOGOSCOPE solutions are currently used in over 30 high-performance training facilities (CREPS, games preparation centers) and by professional or high-level structures in over 20 disciplines, both collective and individual.

Compact and autonomous, focus on the backpack solution

Compact and very easy to use, VOGOSCOPE STAFF offers VOGOSCOPE technology in a wireless solution holding in a backpack. Discover our tuto.

to all sports

VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution has been designed with variable scope, to adapt to all types of sport: number and types of cameras, choice of the most appropriate viewing angles, video analysis tablets or touch creens, the solution covers both collective and individual sports… indoor and outdoor.

Combine 2 solutions to meet a structure’s challenges

Combine the VOGOSCOPE PULSE plug & play video capture and broadcast solution with VOGOSCOPE STAFF and enjoy a unique immersive experience. A self-contained, turnkey system for filming and broadcasting your sporting events to spectators on site or at home, so you can be as close to the action as possible.

What sets us apart

Incorporating a server equipped with VOGO’s patented software, cameras and touchscreen displays, VOGOSCOPE STAFF kits are “plug & play” and offer perfectly synchronized video capture and broadcasting tools for sports and medical analysis.

Intuitive and ergonomic

The VOGOSCOPE application, available on smartphones, tablets and touchscreens, boasts an intuitive, ergonomic interface. This allows professionals to remain “FOCUSED” on their core business and use VOGOSCOPE as a decision-making tool.

Easy to deploy

VOGOSCOPE STAFF kits are quick and easy to set up: from plug & play mobile kits requiring no technical skills, to fixed installations where start-up can be automatic as the season progresses.

From professional to amateur sport

VOGOSCOPE STAFF equips numerous CREPS and high-performance centers in France, as well as amateur beach volleyball, padel and gymnastics clubs. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s the analysis tool used by professional clubs such as MHSC-VB, French Ligue 1 Volleyball champions…

They trust us
VOGOSCOPE STAFF adapts to specific needs
of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

With a view of every part of the floor and a zoom on the net, VOGOSCOPE STAFF is the ideal solution for live video analysis during training sessions, and a decision-making tool for coaches during matches. The associated Cloud also enables detailed video analysis after the event, in the changing rooms or coaches’ room.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF is the video brick integrated into swimming pools to deploy connected pools: underwater and above-water cameras track swimmers’ progress, correcting their movements in the stroke, turn and length. The software also calculates the instantaneous speed from the starting block and traces its trajectory in the water.

With cameras strategically positioned in the onmisport hall, VOGOSCOPE STAFF allows you to film team sports such as volleyball, handball, basketball and futsal, as well as badminton and table tennis.

Every morning, the coach and the surfers meet on 3 or 4 beaches to ride the best waves and refine their technique. The VOGOSCOPE STAFF backpack kit is made for them… Ultra-portable, it allows to continue filming while analyzing previous actions.

With a camera dedicated to each apparatus, VOGOSCOPE STAFF allows you to record all your gymnasts’ training sessions and monitor their progress with a view to future competitions, from club tournaments to the Olympic Games.

The symbiosis between rider and horse is key to equestrian performance. There’s nothing like video feedback, so that the rider can visualize in real time his posture and the position of his aids in relation to his mount.

Business Cases
VOGOSCOPE alongside the Nantes Neptunes volleyball and handball teams

Nantes Neptunes share their VOGOSCOPE video solution: volleyball and handball!

VOGOSCOPE as all-in-one video solution for MHSC-VB

MHSC-VB uses the VOGOSCOPE live & replay video solution both for its sports staff and to enrich the experience of its fans.

The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE combines our proprietary and patented audio & video solutions. Dedicated to high-level medical teams and sports staff, it guarantees rapid, high-performance set-up and synergistic operation of audio and video analysis and communication channels.

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Multi-camera control for sports performance analysis

The VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution is an indispensable tool for medical teams and sports staff. Thanks to its pro multicam control system, it enables advanced sports and performance analysis, with exceptional image quality from multiple cameras. This solution adapts to all sports thanks to its multi-camera capabilities, and offers comprehensive video analysis for informed decision-making. VOGOSCOPE STAFF provides medical teams and sports staff with a high-performance tool for sports analysis and injury detection.

Video capture and broadcast solution for non-televised sports training sessions

VOGOSCOPE STAFF is a plug & play video solution enabling sports teams to record and broadcast their training sessions. The solution is easy to use and provides high-quality images for sports performance analysis.

Viewing, sport analysis and data sharing functions for improved performance

The VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution is equipped with a wide range of functions for viewing, analyzing and sharing data, enabling technical staff to adapt game strategy and improve sports performance. Medical staff can also use it to prevent and diagnose injuries.

Pro multicam control for complete video analysis

The VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution, with its professional multicam control system, provides a complete video analysis of every training session. Staff can use several cameras to obtain different angles and better understand the actions of the athletes. Sports analysis can be carried out in real or delayed time, providing support for important decision-making.
Using the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution, sports teams can improve their athletes’ performance thanks to comprehensive and accurate video analysis. The data viewing, analysis and sharing functions provided by the solution enable technical and medical staff to better understand athletes’ actions and make more informed decisions.