VOGOSCOPE alongside the Nantes Neptunes volleyball and handball teams

Nantes Neptunes share their VOGOSCOPE video solution: volleyball and handball!

The customer

Les Neptunes de Nantes, the first professional women’s omnisport club in France and Europe, brings together Nantes’ 2 women’s handball (Division 1) and volleyball (LAM) teams.

The brief

Help the players of both teams to improve their performance and offer new ways of broadcasting the matches of the different sections of the club.

The deployed solution

Les Neptunes de Nantes equip their Mangin-Beaulieu gymnasium with the VOGOSCOPE video solution. This turnkey, cross-functional solution meets the needs of the various players in the club:

  • Decision-making tool for sports staff: training activities, live or recorded match debriefing
  • A broadcasting solution integrating monetization levers.

The result

An adaptive capture device

With 2 fixed cameras, which can be remotely adjusted at any time, and one mobile camera, the club benefits from a multitude of shooting possibilities, enabling it to adapt to each discipline, whether for tactical shots or for broadcast.

Intuitive video analysis software

On the analysis side, the club uses VOGOSCOPE STAFF software on a large touchscreen and rugged tablet, enabling direct feedback from all angles during training sessions and matches.

“Whether it’s the analysis solution or the spectator solution, the tool is intuitive and the staff got to grips with it very quickly. The automatic recording of matches and training sessions on a dedicated Cloud makes it easy for sports and marketing teams to use the images. The fact that the tool can be shared across both volleyball and handball structures is a real plus!”

Romuald Rotari,
Technical director of Les Neptunes de Nantes.

“On the caoching side, the VOGOSCOPE solution allows us to have an eye everywhere at once, and adapts to every situation. Sharing images with players has become a matter of course, either instantly, or at the end of a training session by reviewing key actions using markers, or even the next day from the MyVogoscope.com Cloud platform. In short, a real time-saver and more efficient.

Sylvain Quinquis – Technical Director, Volleyball Section

The solutions we use

Discover the solutions used in this case study

Sport Video solution

View video streams of sporting events and training sessions at all levels. VOGOSCOPE STAFF offers a host of live & replay viewing, analysis and data-sharing functions.