VOKKERO STAFF – Full duplex intercom kit

Communicate clearly and securely with the world leader in professional refereeing communication systems. FCG, OL, OM, Bayern, Real Madrid and many others have already adopted it!


  • Technical staff
  • Medical teams

Unlimited users

Unlimited number of users


Intuitive operation, no fixed installation required

Digital encryption

Hardened digital encryption: exchanges secured by an AES 128 key


Hands-free system, instant and continuous communication

Group function

Group” function now available: discover the tutorial


Alarm function: vibrate or beep

Noise filter

Noise filter: HD communication, clear & intelligible

Official matches

System adapted to the technical requirements of official matches


From discreet, lightweight audio headsets to professional audio headphones

Facilitate instant communication between different staff groups

Facilitate instant communication between different staff groups

The VOKKERO STAFF intercom enables the coaching and medical teams to communicate easily together or separately.

Improve your strategic choices

Improve your strategic choices

The VOKKERO STAFF radio communication system facilitates fast, efficient decision-making. This feature is particularly important in sports, where decisions need to be made quickly.

Technical specifications

  • HD audio: 16khz
  • Range: up to 1.2 km
  • Autonomy: up to 12 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)
  • Royalty-free frequencies specific to the radio environment of sports venues
  • Weight: 190g (incl. battery)
  • Dimensions: 70 x 110 x 28mm
  • Operating temperature : -10°C / +50°C (14/122°F)
  • Recharge time: max. 4 hours charging time