Your fans take part
to their team’s success

The VOGO PULSE range offers immersive, interactive live broadcast solutions for audio and/or video content, enriching the experience of in-stadium spectators and bringing them closer to the performances of their teams and athletes.

Your fans become spectators during the event
An immersive mobile application

Available on smartphones or integrated into the event app, VOGOSPORT PULSE enables spectators to access TV camera feeds and become their own directors.

Review actions

By choosing their preferred viewing angle, spectators can replay an action at normal speed or in slow motion, frame by frame, and enjoy the referee’s audio commentary to immerse themselves in the heart of the match.

Deployment on the big screen

VOGOSPORT PULSE is also available on large touch screens for VIP hospitality, a premium tool for pre- and post-game entertainment.

Unlimited connectivity

VOGOSPORT PULSE is deployed via the stadium’s WIFI network and/or 4G/5G networks, with a geo-location feature that ensures strict compliance with TV broadcasters’ rights. Whether within a stadium or on larger circuit areas, the solution can be adapted to all sports and all sports venues.

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Proprietary, patented solutions,
adaptable to the specific needs of your

Our PULSE solutions are based on a patented technology that ensures fluid access to flows
regardless of the number of users. From an ergonomic point of view, they are characterized by their simplicity, performance and ease of use, which are essential conditions for their adoption by fans and spectators. Throughout the project, we work with you to define the most relevant features and content to engage your fans during the event.

VOGO PULSE adapts to specific needs
of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

Direct access to goals, cards and official VAR decisions via personalized tags in the feed, a dedicated menu and a specific notification system.

Review the trial by connecting to the cameras positioned behind the end line. Access the referee’s audio to better understand the rules of the game and refereeing decisions.

Watch a basket in slow motion, from the Arena’s overhead camera.

View riders’ tricks in slow motion, zooming in on the image from cameras positioned at the top of the ramps.

Follow all the gymnasts on the apparatus represented, whereas the TV feed only shows one athlete at a time on one apparatus. Zoom in on a specific socket or reception. Access figure notation rules…

Spectators to the eSport event can access the screens of the various players involved in the competition via the VOGOSPORT PULSE app. On a multi-game event, they can also follow a competition taking place on another stage while seated elsewhere in the enclosure.

Our elite sports solutions
dedicated to fans and spectators

The VOGOSPORT PULSE is a “second screen” video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.

Business Cases
VOGOSPORT PULSE to enhance the in-stadium experience for RC Lens fans
Solutions for fans / spectators

New digital services to boost matchday attendance and enhance the fan experience.

The MHR offers an enriched spectator experience with VOGOSPORT PULSE
Solutions for fans / spectators

The MHR wanted to offer a video replay solution enabling spectators, wherever they were in the stadium, to watch the action again from their preferred viewing angle.

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Multi-camera control system for live broadcasts of sporting events to fans

The live sport solution for Elite sports, for an unrivalled spectator experience

VOGO ‘s Sport Elite solution is designed to deliver an unrivalled spectator experience to sports fans around the world. Thanks to our multi-camera controller, spectators can enjoy an immersive experience with multiple viewing angles, both live and on replay. However, it is important to note that our solution is intended for use on site at the stadium only.

Total fan immersion thanks to our live fan control room

Our live fan control room offersviewers total immersion, with multiple viewing angles for live and replay, as well as real-time access to high-quality slow-motion sequences. Fans can experience every highlight of the match live and enjoy a unique experience.

TV sports made even more exciting with our live fan platform

Our fan platform offers an even more captivating TV sports viewing experience. Fans can access exclusive content and in-depth match analysis, as well as interactive features to enhance their viewing experience. It’s all designed to make fans feel even closer to the team they support.
In conclusion, VOGO’s Sport Elite video solution is the ideal choice for sports fans looking for an immersive, interactive viewing experience. Although the solution is designed to be used only on site at the stadium, it offers total immersion in the world of sport.