Safety solution,
health and other industries

Optimize the intervention of field teams while ensuring their safety.

in complete safety

The VOGO GUARDIAN range includes a complete communication kit with full duplex walkie-talkies, perfectly suited to the healthcare, security and other sectors where field teams need to communicate in noisy or complex environments.

VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS, the full-duplex walkie-talkie

VOKKERO GUARDIAN, the wireless, full-duplex walkie-talkie, restores communication and improves comfort, coordination and protection for teams in safety, health and other industries..

Meeting the challenges of safety, health and other industries
Clear, instant communication

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN hands-free walkie-talkie features 16Khz HD audio, for clear, intelligible communication.

Accessories to meet your needs

VOKKERO micro earpieces are specially designed for use with respiratory masks, or to keep your operations discreet.

Safety at

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio communication system ensures the safety and peace of mind of your teams.

Customized features

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN system’s “Voice Priority” function lets you prioritize your communications.

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Proprietary solutions,
customized to your needs

Our solutions are characterized by their simplicity, performance and adaptability. They are adapted to customer needs and user usage. Their functionality, ergonomics and cost are carefully studied beforehand.

VOGO GUARDIAN adapts to specific needs
of each sector. Here are a few examples.

A simple, effective system for successful interventions.

Communicate effectively and discreetly to optimize team coordination.

A communication system that adapts to your working environment and constraints.

A solution for coordinating surgeons and doctors.

Our safety, health and other solutions for work teams

Dedicated to field teams on industrial sites and activities for the most critical applications.

Business Cases
The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society purchased VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS

The Norwegian Sea Rescue needed radio systems for the rescue workers and the pilot on the vessels.

Researchers from CNRS laboratories, SYS2DIAG, adopt VOKKERO radios from VOGO
Safety, health and more…

The collaboration between VOGO and Sys2Diag didn’t stop with the EasyCov project. When the researchers from the famous research laboratory learned about the functionality and performance of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN systems marketed by VOGO, they immediately understood how they could help them with many of their daily tasks.

SDIS 46, 74 and 34 testify to the performance of VOKKERO GUARDIAN radios
Safety, health and more…

Discover the positive feedback from SDIS 46, 74 and 34 on VOKKERO GUARDIAN radios. Improved communication in noisy environments and optimized response times.

Vaud University Hospital surgeons equip themselves with VOKKERO GUARDIAN
Safety, health and more…

The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois uses Vokkero communication systems to ensure coordination between surgeons and technicians.

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Radio and audio communication systems for the security and health industries

Do you work in an environment where safety is an absolute priority? Are you looking for a reliable and effective communication solution to maintain constant communication between your team members? The safety communication kit is the answer to your needs.

The benefits of a safety communication kit

A quality communication kit is essential to maintain fluid and instantaneous communication between team members. In high-risk work environments, it’s essential to be able to keep in touch with colleagues in all circumstances. Communication kits offer optimum sound quality for clear conversations, even in noisy or difficult environments. They also enable hands-free communication for greater productivity and more efficient working.

Full duplex communication kit solutions for security

Safety communication kits come in a range of solutions to meet the needs of every company. Professional radios, headphones, earpieces and microphones are the most commonly used communication tools. Walkie-talkies are also very popular, as they enable instant communication without the need for a cellular network. Full-duplex communication kits enable simultaneous two-way communication for a smoother experience.

How to choose the right safety communication kit

It’s important to choose the right safety communication kit to guarantee effective and optimal use. Selection criteria include communication range, sound quality, battery life, robustness and weather resistance. It’s also important to consider the specifics of your working environment when choosing the communication kit best suited to your needs.
In conclusion, safety communication kits are essential tools for ensuring the safety and productivity of work teams. By opting for a quality communication kit, adapted to your needs, you can improve the quality of your communication and thus reinforce your company’s security.