VOGOSPORT PULSE is a second-screen video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.

The spectator becomes a spect’actor

Available on smartphones and tablets, with a user-friendly, intuitive interface, VOGOSPORT PULSE is a mobile solution that gives spectators live access to camera feeds from the event’s stands, enabling them to become their own director: choose their preferred angle of view, replay action at normal speed, in slow motion, or frame by frame, zoom, access to highlights and exclusive, enriched content.

Can be integrated into the official event app

VOGOSPORT PULSE solution is available in an SDK version and can be easily integrated as a Live & Replay video module in the official event application. As a traffic booster, it enables organizers to collect data on fans and spectators, and thus feed their CRM strategy.

It also features a system of dedicated notifications and tags, for easy access to key actions in the competition.

Exclusive moments for your VIP guests

The VOGOSPORT PULSE solution, deployed on a large touchscreen in your hospitality areas (skyboxes, lounge, etc.), provides an innovative digital entertainment tool for your VIP guests.

What sets us apart
Patented technology

VOGOSPORT PULSE is a VOGO proprietary solution based on a special video encoding and broadcasting technology protected by 3 patents. This technology guarantees smooth video streaming for an unlimited number of users.

WIFI or 4G/5G connectivity

Users access video streams via a connection to the sports stadium’s wifi network or via their 4G or 5G subscription, with a geolocation feature integrated into VOGOSPORT PULSE that limits the broadcasting of streams to the contours of the sports venue.

Access to exclusive content

Audio commentary, statistics, highlights, interviews, backstage footage, tutorials on the rules of the game: VOGOSPORT PULSE is the ideal medium to help spectators understand and enjoy the event.

Innovative media
for partners

VOGOSPORT PULSE offers a wide range of tools for highlighting event partners: clickable logos or banners, dedicated video feeds, sponsored notifications… so many ways to get the word out in an innovative way.

They trust us
VOGOSPORT PULSE offers a relevant experience for every televised sport.
Here are a few examples.

Direct access to goals, cards and official VAR decisions via personalized tags in the feed, a dedicated menu and a specific notification system.

Review the try by connecting to the cameras positioned behind the end line. Access the referee’s audio to better understand the rules of the game and refereeing decisions.

Watch a basket in slow motion, from the Arena’s overhead camera.

View riders’ tricks in slow motion, zooming in on the image from cameras positioned at the top of the ramps.

Follow all the gymnasts on the apparatus represented, whereas the TV feed only shows one athlete at a time on one apparatus. Zoom in on a specific socket or reception. Access figure notation rules…

Business Cases
VOGOSPORT PULSE to enhance the in-stadium experience for RC Lens fans
Solutions for fans / spectators

New digital services to boost matchday attendance and enhance the fan experience.

The MHR offers an enriched spectator experience with VOGOSPORT PULSE
Solutions for fans / spectators

The MHR wanted to offer a video replay solution enabling spectators, wherever they were in the stadium, to watch the action again from their preferred viewing angle.

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Plug and play multi-camera control for all types of sports

VOGOSPORT PULSE is a live&replay video solution that offers an enriched experience to spectators and sports fans attending a match in the stadium or sports arena. Thanks to a multi-camera control system, users of the VOGOSPORT PULSE application can choose their favorite live angle and access exclusive images for total immersion in the sporting event. This innovative solution allows fans to experience the action as if they were on the pitch, and not miss a single crucial moment of the game. VOGOSPORT PULSE makes live in-stadium streaming available to all fans, who can now enjoy superior image quality and a personalized viewing experience thanks to the multi-camera control room.

VOGOSPORT PULSE solution for a unique in-stadium streaming experience

Looking for a unique in-stadium experience at your favorite sporting event? VOGOSPORT PULSE is the solution for you. VOGOSPORT PULSE ‘s state-of-the-art sports camera control system gives you live multi-camera broadcasts, so you don’t miss any of the action on the pitch.

An exceptional streaming experience thanks to the sports camera control unit

VOGOSPORT PULSE offers an exceptional streaming experience. With superior image quality and real-time broadcasting, you’ll never miss another highlight of your favorite sporting event . Our state-of-the-art live streaming technology offers an immersive experience in real time, so you can feel the excitement and energy of the event as if you were there.

Benefit from live multi-camera broadcasts

VOGOSPORT PULSE offers multi-camera live broadcasts for a unique in-stadium experience. Thanks to our sports camera control system, you can choose your preferred angle of view so you don’t miss any of the action on the field. You can also use our replay technology to replay highlights and key actions from the event, for an exceptional streaming experience.

With VOGOSPORT PULSE, enjoy a unique in-stadium experience, superior streaming quality and real-time broadcasting so you don’t miss any of the action on the pitch. Our multi-camera live broadcasting solution is designed for televised professional sports, to give you an unforgettable immersive experience.