VOGOSPORT PULSE to enhance the in-stadium experience for RC Lens fans

New digital services to boost matchday attendance and enhance the fan experience.

The customer

RC Lens is a professional soccer club, joining Ligue 1 in the 2019-2020 season. Playing at home at the Stade Bollaert, the club has arguably the most fervent fan base in France. The Rouge & Or is proudly worn in the stands, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

The brief

To accompany the rise to Ligue 1 of the club, the marketing & sales team is rolling out new digital services and hospitality features for the 2019-2020 season, to boost matchday attendance and enhance the fan experience. VOGO is part of the adventure… Review with Fabien Simon, RC Lens Brand Manager.

The deployed solution

VOGOSPORT PULSE is deployed as a Live & Replay video solution in all hospitality areas, via the VOGOSPORT application, available to spectators in the VIP tribune.

In addition, the club is installing a large touchscreen in the premium lounge “L’exclusif” on the 2nd floor. Set up on a platform in the heart of the lounge, the screen is used to support a unique post-match animation, based on content from the VOGOSPORT solution. In general, Fabien Simon, Brand Manager, organizes the event.

The result, with Fabien Simon:

Closer contact with VIP lounge guests

“Before the start of the match or at half-time, I announce the guest player who will be debriefing the match after the final whistle. Over the course of the season, we’ve managed to create a sense of expectation and excitement among our guests, who talk to each other before the game about who’s coming? A striker? … During the match, I tag the most remarkable actions on the VOGOSPORT screen, memorizing the passages we’ll discuss with the player and the most appropriate viewing angles. The event takes place after the match and lasts around 20 minutes. I’m on stage with the guest player, on either side of the touchscreen. Lounge guests gather around the stage, less than 4 meters from the player, reflecting the club’s commitment to proximity. The animation is designed to be interactive: if at first people were a little shy, it works perfectly today. We even create challenges between former players and guest players. I also give guests the opportunity tointeract with the player, ask questions and develop deeper into topics. After the animation, a signing session is organized for young and old, for the pleasure of all.

The VOGOSPORT application for the general public: a useful and rewarding service

In addition to thetouchscreen entertainment, the club has made the VOGOSPORT app available to spectators in the MAX LEPAGNOT VIP stand, starting with the 2019-2020 season. During the match, they can use their smartphone to access live feeds from the cameras filming the match, with the option of instantly rewinding to review the action in slow motion, frame by frame, or zooming in. From the 2020-2021 season onwards, these functions will be fully integrated into the official RC Lens application, for a simplified, unified digital experience.


“Over the years, the organization of the entertainment has been refined and optimized, and continues to improve. We’ve succeeded in creating an event during which the players in the match come on stage. When a striker arrives to comment on his goal, the added value is greater for the guests than with just one journalist… The introduction of the VOGOSPORT touchscreen is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with VIPs, and to do so in a very spontaneous way.”

Fabien Simon,
Brand Department Manager

The solutions we use

Discover the solutions used in this case study

Elite Sport Video solution

The VOGOSPORT PULSE is a “second screen” video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.