VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT is an extension of the VOKKERO ELITE radio communication system which offers an evolutive, redundant and proven VAR audio chain from pitch to Video Operating Room.

A complement to radio wave transmission for VAR communication

With our range of cutting-edge VAR audio chain, you can minimize or even eliminate the risk of audio disruption and disconnection:
– Clear audio (suppression of surrounding noises).
– Live on-site and/or remote audio adjustments.
– Remote controlling of devices and distant monitoring.
– On-the-fly audio backup possibilities.

Our audio equipment Pitch-side
On-field referee audio equipment

The VOKKERO ELITE, the latest product of the referees communication systems world’s leader. The VOKKERO ELITE has been adapted to meet the quality requirements of VAR with HD BROADCAST audio quality 16 kHz sound with noise filtering, increased robustness to radio interferences, an even more robust radio link between the referee and the VARs, no risk of accidental headset disconnection, ability to adjust the whistle sound level…

Pitch-side audio and radio gateway

Our ELITE MONITORING PACKAGE is our flagship solution for VAR audio equipment at the side of the field. It allows to provide the most reliable communications between VARs/TMOs and referees on the field.

Access interface via its Wi-Fi, Ethernet or fiber optics, interface easily with Dante digital technology and with several interfaces available : XLR 4-wire, RJ45 Ethernet, single mode fibre optic.

Manage all risks of radio disruption with the monitoring tool ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD

The ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD is the dashboard that lets you access and manage your communication system parameters live from the field or the VOR, via a web browser on a tablet or PC.

Manage all risks of radio disruption, change operating frequencies distantly, remotely configure audio gains, whistle sound level…

Bring your VOKKERO ELITE audio system with our ready-to-operate Picht-side gateway
Our audio equipment for VOR side
From supply to set-up, all inclusive

We supply, install and set-up all complete VAR audio chain: Local or Remote, from frugal VAR light set-up to complex Replay Centers VOR configurations.

Audio equipment for VAR/AVAR/RO and interfacing with broadcasters

Our Remote referee set (which can de declined as an OB-Van set for decentralized local need) features:
– Reliable, high-end and multiple hardwares and wiring
– Redondancy and on-the-fly backup possibilities.
– Live adjustments of VOR volumes and audio matrix.
– Ability to send specific mixes to broadcast and/or PA speaker system.
– User-friendly intercom control with a tablet.
– Evolutive VAR audio chain (from local to remote).

Supervising tools from the VOR

A separate audio channel between a pitch-technician and a VOR-technician is doable with no additional audio equipment so that a tech team on separate locations can assess referees communications quality, discuss potential adjustments and intervene.

The audio technician from the VOR can also monitor the operation of the ELITE systems remotely through the ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD so that he is alerted and advised by the system of any useful information to garantee the best functioning..VAR)

Audio communication solution
dedicated to arbitration

VOKKERO ELITE, world leader in audio communication systems for sports refereeing.

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AFC chooses VOGO’s VAR light solution for first test implementation at Women’s Club Championship

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High-quality audio communication for VAR

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT is an extension of the VOKKERO ELITE radio communication system.

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT: an innovative var radio communication solution for professional referees

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT is a state-of-the-art radio communication solution designed specifically for professional referees. It consists of a number of components that enable real-time video and audio communication, providing invaluable decision-making support. Here’s everything you need to know about this advanced communication solution.

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT radio communication kit: high-performance headsets for professional referees

The VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT radio communication kit is a turnkey device that includes high-performance earpieces and a real-time audio and video communication gateway. The earpieces are specially designed to offer crystal-clear sound and reduced background noise, ensuring clear, precise communication between referees and technical teams.

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT audio and video communication solution for VAR systems

VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT is an innovative radio communication solution specially developed to meet the needs of VAR systems. Thanks to its Pitchside Gateway and wireless interface, this solution enables referees to communicate in real time with the technical teams, facilitating analysis of video images and rapid, accurate decision-making.
All in all, VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT is a state-of-the-art radio communication solution offering real-time video and audio communication for professional referees. With its high-performance earpieces, Pitchside Gateway and wireless interface, it enables clear, precise communication between referees and technical staff, facilitating analysis of video images and quick, accurate decision-making.