• SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLEAIRE (Nuclear Training) offers the VOKKERO GUARDIAN as part of its TEV (Ventilated Waterproof Suit) and THEV (Ventilated Waterproof Helmet) training courses to enhance the efficiency and safety of nuclear teams.

    With the VOKKERO GUARDIAN, SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLEAIRE optimizes radiation protection for on-site teams.

  • VOKKERO ELITE audio communication systems have been deployed within UEFA

    UEFA needed VOKKERO ELITE audio communication systems for the European Under-17 and Under-19 Men & Women Finals.

  • VOGO equips the European Handball Federation with its VIDEO REPLAY solution for the men’s and women’s EUROS 2024 and 2026

    VOGO strengthens its Taas (Technology as a service) offering with the signing of a 4-year contract with the EUROS handball club.

  • With DTECH, VOGO equips the Georgian Rugby Union with VOKKERO ELITE for international and Big 10 matches held in Georgia

    As rugby continues to develop, it is important to use innovative equipment in order to be efficient and fair.

  • VOKKERO GUARDIAN at FRANKI Fondation: freedom of movement and safety of the field teams!

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