• Vaud University Hospital surgeons equip themselves with VOKKERO GUARDIAN
    Safety, health and more…

    The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois uses Vokkero communication systems to ensure coordination between surgeons and technicians.

  • VOGO and Antonio Banderas in Malaga
    Solutions for technical teams

    The brand-new Soho CaixaBank theater adopts VOKKERO wireless intercom!

  • Researchers from CNRS laboratories, SYS2DIAG, adopt VOKKERO radios from VOGO
    Safety, health and more…

    The collaboration between VOGO and Sys2Diag didn’t stop with the EasyCov project. When the researchers from the famous research laboratory learned about the functionality and performance of the VOKKERO GUARDIAN systems marketed by VOGO, they immediately understood how they could help them with many of their daily tasks.

  • VOGO deploys complete HIA, TMO and audio communication solutions for Rugby Europe
    Solutions for referees

    VOGO has been deploying a complete solution combining audio and video technologies to meet the needs of refereeing and medical teams at Rugby Europe Championship matches since 2021.

  • SDIS 46, 74 and 34 testify to the performance of VOKKERO GUARDIAN radios
    Safety, health and more…

    Discover the positive feedback from SDIS 46, 74 and 34 on VOKKERO GUARDIAN radios. Improved communication in noisy environments and optimized response times.