The VOKKERO GUARDIAN, deployed by our partner IDEALEX, is used by SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLEAIRE for its training courses aimed at reinforcing the safety of nuclear workers.

With the VOKKERO GUARDIAN, SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLEAIRE optimizes radiation protection for on-site workers.

Our partners

SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLÉAIRE provides professional training, assistance and consultancy services, mainly in nuclear and radiation protection risks, thanks to its 50 instructors at 6 training centers in France and 17 training sites. It has already welcomed over 10,000 trainees.

IDEALEX is a designer and manufacturer of Radiation Protection solutions, whose mission is to reduce radiological risks in the nuclear industry. Since its creation in 1995, IDEALEX understands the need to create and develop a network of local skills and expertise. IDEALEX is recognized on the market as an Expert in Radiation Protection Solutions in operational environments, providing its customers with a robust, efficient, safe and long-lasting solution..

The brief

The nuclear teams in the field have noted communication problems when working without telephony. They have to shout and gesture to communicate.

Communication is not fluid. This results in a significant loss of time, a lack of consultation and stress during the intervention.

The deployed solution

We have deployed the VOKKERO GUARDIAN at SOCOTEC FORMATION NUCLEAIRE sites. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN ensures smooth, efficient communication between speakers by filtering out ambient noise.

The noise filter in the VOKKERO GUARDIAN audio communication system enables specialist nuclear teams to communicate instantly and in full duplex during operations, while wearing ventilated waterproof suits or outfits, without being hindered.

The result

Smooth, efficient communication

The noise filter in the VOKKERO GUARDIAN audio communication system enables conversation partners to concentrate solely on the information being conveyed.

Adaptability and security

Wireless and discreet, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN is compatible with the mandatory outfits worn by nuclear teams, without interfering with their work.


Clear communication during operations saves considerable time and makes operators more operational, while reducing the risks to which they are exposed.

“We noticed that conversations were fluid. We were able to secure all the information. We didn’t have to do gymnastics with our arms and fingers to understand each other”.

Eric De Restrepo,

“The use of the VOKKERO system in ventilated helmet and ventilated dry suit training courses means that we can offer this simple, effective communication system and optimize the safety and radiation protection of on-site personnel”.

Pierre Kwiatkowski,

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