Can an intercom do without a fixed station for a show, event or set?

The fixed station intercom: a tradition in audiovisual communication

Full duplex intercoms are professional radio communication accessories that are essential to the organization of actors in the entertainment world. The operation of the system is simple: the radio waves are sent to a fixed console, which then sends the communications back to the wireless terminals concerned. The fixed console is usually accompanied by a desk equipped with a microphone and an audio output, for a 360° supervision of the communications.

This traditional intercom model is known for its efficiency on long distance communications, and the ability to integrate different professional audio equipment. It is thus possible to set up a complex communication system in different locations.

However, the fixed station intercom system quickly imposes limits in its flexibility of use. It is not well adapted to mobile or temporary audiovisual activities: concerts, festivals, street shows, field journalism… which require a communication system that is quick to install and configure.

It is to meet this growing demand for flexibility that VOKKERO has developed a whole range of peer-to-peer intercoms. These professional audio equipments make it possible to do without a fixed station and gain in simplicity of use.

Fixed station intercom

Simplify your radio communications with VOKKERO’s autonomous intercoms

The VOKKERO full-duplex intercoms are professional radio communication solutions known as “standalone”, i.e. they operate completely autonomously, without requiring a fixed station. The whole system is configured in a few clicks thanks to the charger-configurator. The radio terminal connected to the first slot of the loader-configurator is automatically designated as the referent station. It is the one that redistributes the radio waves emitted to the other radio terminals, and it is also the one that will have priority on all communications.

VOKKERO intercoms therefore meet a growing market demand: flexibility and simplicity of use. These Plug&Play systems do not require any heavy installation: once the charger-configurator is plugged in, your intercom is ready to use! It takes only 3 minutes to set up, thanks to the predefined configurations for the different audiovisual use cases. Ideal for temporary events, where every minute is counted during the rigging phase.

Flexibility is not achieved at the expense of performance. The VOKKERO intercoms benefit from a long range (up to 1.2km), capable of covering a theater, a concert hall or a theater, including the parking lot, without a relay antenna. The battery is not outdone with an autonomy of 10 to 12 hours. It is possible to add an unlimited number of users – just configure the additional radio terminals on the charger-configurator.

Fixed station intercom

VOKKERO offers an optional “Wireless Interface” system, which can take on the role of a fixed station to stabilize communications if necessary. The Wireless Interface is compatible with most of the 4-wire intercom systems on the market. The connection with 2-wire intercoms is ensured by means of a converter. Professional audio-visual radio accessories complete the wireless intercom offer.

Wireless intercom and radio accessories for the audiovisual sector: our recommendation

If you work in the audiovisual or event industry and are looking to purchase a full-duplex wireless intercom, we recommend the VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom kit. Composed of 5 to 8 GUARDIAN SHOW intercoms, 1 single-ear headset per user, 1 charger-configurator and a hard carrying case, it guarantees optimal and secure coverage of your set. You benefit from features that serve your activity, such as radio & audio presets or Bluetooth compatibility.

If you work in a large environment or one with many physical obstacles, we recommend the VOKKERO radio communication audiovisual accessories.

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