Choosing the right professional noise-cancelling headphones: our advice

Protecting operators is an important issue in industrial environments. Adopting a soundproof helmet as part of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is one way of protecting your hearing. However, a professional noise-cancelling helmet must be connected to a radio communication system so that team members are not cut off from the outside world, and can talk to other team members and avoid danger.

Choosing professional noise-cancelling headphones for industrial environments

Construction, railway maintenance, aerospace, heavy industry… Whatever the industrial environment, operators are forced to work in potentially noisy or even extremely noisy environments. To protect their hearing and ensure their good health, VOKKERO offers professional-quality noise-cancelling headsets.

Micro earmuffs are, in some cases, sound-absorbing helmets that integrate perfectly with the rest of the PPE required in an industrial environment (helmet, goggles, etc.). High-attenuation shells and flexible foam-filled sealing rings give earmuffs perfect soundproofing and optimum hearing protection.

VOKKERO is an expert in radio communication Each piece of protective equipment comes with a communication system, enabling operators to follow a discussion continuously and instantaneously. The audio quality of the headsets is irreproachable, even in extremely noisy environments, which is particularly useful for monitoring industrial operations.

Some communicating noise-cancelling headsets also have an “Active Volume” function, so that operators are not cut off from the outside world. This means that operators can hear surrounding noises such as alarm signals, machine noise or conversations. Sudden noises that are too loud are immediately attenuated to protect hearing. 

Adopt noise-cancelling headphones that communicate via a professional radio system

Choosing the best professional noise-cancelling headphones will protect operators. But for a complete, high-performance system, it is essential to couple it with a radio communication system. Industrial jobs require optimum communication of instructions and information between operators, even in noisy environments. What’s more, having a communicating noise-cancelling headset means you can warn – or be warned – of imminent dangers, and so not only ensure the protection of individuals, but also reinforce that of the team in the workplace. With its GUARDIAN STANDARD radio communication system, VOKKERO meets all these requirements.

The GUARDIAN STANDARD professional walkie-talkie is extremely robust and has a battery life of up to 12 hours, making it a communication system perfectly suited to use in industrial environments.

VOKKERO walkie-talkies are full-duplex, i.e. they have a microphone that is always open, allowing operators to concentrate fully on their tasks without having to press a button to communicate. The GUARDIAN STANDARD is fitted with a noise filter patented by VOKKERO. This filters out all ambient noise.

Thanks to the filter, only human voices are picked up and processed by the communication system. This filter protects people’s hearing while ensuring that team communication is fluid and clear. External sounds, such as the noise of machines or engines, are neutralised.

What’s more, as certain industrial sectors require maximum protection for data and discussions, the communicating noise-cancelling headsets offer superior security with top-of-the-range digital encryption, thanks to the GUARDIAN STANDARD device.

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