Clément Turpin uses the VOKKERO ELITE audio system in League 1!

League 1 referee since 2008, Clément Turpin is now one of the best referees in the world, as proven by his world ranking in 2022 (3rd), his appointment during the UEFA Champions League final last May and his participation in the last World Cup.

Today, he talks to us about his experience with the VOKKERO communication systems in League 1 and their evolution.

1. What does a referee expect from a communication system?

I am looking for an ideal triptych between “efficiency” (sound quality), “reliability” and “ergonomics” (weight, conformity, portability).

2. What constraints do you face in your environment?

Ambient noise is, in my opinion, THE constraint imposed by the environment. Limiting this constraint is clearly a major issue for a good communication device.

3. Does the VOKKERO ELITE system meet your needs and what are its main advantages?

Yes, it does. Efficiency, reliability and ergonomics have improved considerably. The involvement of the technicians and the new features introduced have clearly optimised this triptych.

4. What are the main improvements you have noted compared to the previous versions used in League 1?

First of all, the ergonomics. A single box, of modest size. The box easily resembles an electronic flag box that we have been used to for a long time. Secondly, the ease of connection. This is also important. A connection socket, an “On/Off” button and 1 “Volume” button. When preparing for a match, it is important to be able to use easy-to-use tools: this is the case.

5. The VOKKERO ELITE has a specific noise filter for sports venues. Is this a plus for you?

The sound quality has also improved significantly over time. The use of the filter is indeed the technological addition that has taken the communication system to a new level of efficiency.

6. What developments would you like to see in the next generation of communication systems?

I think we can gain a little more on the three parameters, that’s the charm of the high level: “to aim even higher”. It’s a nice challenge for VOGO’s technicians.

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