Combining hearing protection and communication in industrial environments

Operators in industrial environments must face two problems: having effective hearing protection against all the environmental noise present in their workplace, and being equipped with high-performance communication equipment in order to exchange in real time with other interlocutors. VOKKERO is keen to respond to these issues and offers adapted equipment, combining hearing protection in industry with a high-performance communication system.

Ensuring tailor-made hearing protection in industry

Vibrations and shocks from machinery, starting up industrial machines, using tools, moving heavy objects, or even explosions… All these noise nuisances, common in the industrial sectors, expose the surrounding operators to health risks. In particularly noisy environments requiring robust equipment, VOKKERO noise-cancelling headsets are perfectly suited. They combine hearing protection with clear communication in noisy environments. Thanks to an optimised acoustic design and seals to reduce external noise, the ear muffs are perfect hearing protection for industry.

VOKKERO earpieces are specially designed to provide tailor-made hearing protection in industrial environments. Our micro-ear solutions can be fitted over your custom moulded earplugs and therefore have optimal acoustic filtration and comfort for operators. They are also equipped with a micro boom that has the ability to attenuate unwanted noise, which facilitates team communication.

The VOKKERO headsets are lightweight and not bulky, just like the Bluetooth bone conduction headsets, making them suitable for industrial environments and portable all day by operators.

Communicating effectively in an industrial environment

Protecting the hearing of your operators is essential in all noisy industrial sectors such as heavy industry, construction, railways, nuclear… In order not to cut your technicians off from their environment, and to ensure maximum communication in an industrial environment, consider choosing a high-performance radio communication system, such as the GUARDIAN STANDARD industrial walkie-talkie This walkie-talkie allows communication in industrial environments by being connected to your operators’ hearing protection accessories and has several advantages:

  • Its full-duplex technology allows you to be in constant communication so that everyone can talk without having to press a button. Unlike a half-duplex walkie-talkie, which prevents instantaneous dialogue and therefore does not protect against imminent danger.
  • Its patented VOKKERO noise filter detects and removes unwanted noise so that only human voices are heard. This is a guarantee of quality for operators, as communication will be fluid and efficient, without surrounding noise. Their hearing will also be preserved.
  • The 12-hour battery life of the GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex professional walkie-talkie allows communication in industrial environments throughout the working day.
  • The GUARDIAN STANDARD terminal is lightweight (190g), rugged and waterproof, making it particularly suitable for industrial use.

Our recommendation for hearing protection for safe communication in industrial environments

VOKKERO has a complete range of communication equipment for industrial environments. Some products are particularly suitable for noisy environments, such as:

  • The standard noise-cancelling headset which offers perfect hearing protection in industry and minimises noise.
  • The Elacin earpiece with hearing protection, equipped with custom moulded earplugs.
  • The STARCOM COTRAL solution for tailor-made hearing protection in industrial environments, with earpieces made from the earprints of your operators and a lightweight micro boom for communication.

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