Guarantee the smooth running of a show thanks to an adapted radio communication

Efficiency and coordination are the key words in the audiovisual sector, especially in the entertainment industry. The technical teams, sometimes spread over large areas, must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently without slowing down the preparation or hindering the performance. It is therefore essential to choose a radio communication system adapted to the world of entertainment.

Why have a radio communication system dedicated to the entertainment world?

Set designer, choreographer, videographer, sound engineer, light designer, artists on stage… Organizing and managing a show requires precision and flawless coordination. Each operator must be able to communicate easily with the rest of the staff.

An intercom, otherwise known as a radio communication system, allows to create a communication between the different members of a team. With an intercom solution, each team can exchange important information smoothly and efficiently without compromising the show.

The radio communication systems can be full-duplex or push-to-talk. VOKKERO offers intercoms with both systems. However, the full-duplex function is particularly recommended for the entertainment world, as it allows operators to transmit or listen to information instantly while keeping their hands free.

Having a suitable radio communication system also means having earpieces designed for shows. The earpieces allow to keep a connection between the technical teams and the artists on stage. They are essential for a smooth show, even in case of unforeseen events or last minute announcements.

The VOKKERO SHOW kit: the wireless intercom for the show business

A show is a temporary event that requires quick installation and de-installation. The radio communication system must adapt to this constraint and be easy to configure and reconfigure. VOKKERO has designed a special range for audiovisual professionals, including a wireless intercom specially adapted for the show, deployable in only three minutes.

The VOKKERO SHOW full-duplex intercom kit is a wireless radio communication system. The configuration of the individual intercoms is easily done beforehand thanks to the charger-configurator included in the kit. Each operator gets a wireless terminal, and can communicate while having his hands free to concentrate on his core business.

The VOKKERO SHOW kit: the wireless intercom for the show business

With the VOKKERO SHOW kit, you can create up to four groups, with an unlimited number of people per group. This way, each operator is always connected to his group. As for the director, he can talk to all the groups simultaneously thanks to a terminal specifically configured for this function. The kit thus allows an optimization of the communication and the coordination between all the professionals of the show.

Like all VOKKERO radio communication systems, the VOKKERO SHOW wireless intercom contains a patented noise filter. The communication between operators is crystal clear, all interfering noises are suppressed. Only human voices are transmitted. As the entertainment industry is a particularly noisy sector, this feature facilitates coordination between the different teams.

In the event of an urgent announcement, the director has the “Voice Priority” option on his radio terminal to transmit his recommendations quickly.

In addition, with the VOKKERO SHOW kit, each user has a headset adapted to the show, i.e. a discreet headset.

Our recommendation of wireless intercom for a smooth show

As you can see, the VOKKERO SHOW professional kit is specially designed for show and audiovisual professionals.

This kit is composed of VOKKERO SHOW intercoms (up to 8 intercoms), a single-ear headset per user, a charger configurator, a rigid storage case, and a user guide.

This radio communication system allows for the smooth running of shows, making it possible to have optimal professional communication during the performances, without disturbing them.

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