Handball refereeing: how to choose your radio communication headsets?

The quality of a handball match does not only depend on the level of the players. The reactivity and efficiency of the referees also come into play. To address this issue, professional headsets are essential for effective communication between referees to ensure good handball match refereeing.

Using professional handball headsets for handball matches

As in any sports competition, the sequence of actions during handball matches can be extremely fast. The referees must check and validate these actions as quickly as possible between themselves, even if they are far apart. They must be as responsive as possible in order to make a final decision (awarding a foul or points) and inform the teams. To be able to communicate with each other, referees need professional headsets, adapted to the sports world. A set of handball referee headsets is the best choice for instant and high quality communication.

VOKKERO’s sports referee earpieces are particularly suitable for handball matches thanks to :

  • Their standard or made-to-measure option: VOKKERO offers earpieces with a custom moulded ear impression for optimum quality.
  • Their resistance and solidity: they are perfectly adapted to sporting environments. Referees can run without risk of dropping the earpieces.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design: referees are free to move around without discomfort during the handball match.
  • Their very high quality micro earpieces, which include an anti-wind windscreen to limit unwanted noise during communication.

For efficient handball refereeing, opt for a complete radio communication system

Headsets are indispensable and must be of high quality for responsive handball refereeing. They are of course dependent on a complete radio communication system. With professional sports walkie-talkies, you ensure the sending and receiving of information necessary for handball refereeing.

For professional refereeing, consider VOKKERO ELITE: a professional handball refereeing headset with high-end radio terminals and accessories. The ELITE radio system is the latest generation of VOKKERO radio terminals, created by referees for referees. The ELITE radio terminal is smaller, lighter and more robust than ever, for safe use by referees on the handball court. The special feature of the ELITE system is that it has an integrated recorder. All conversations are recorded live and stored on an SD card.

Its high-end technology makes it more resistant to radio interference. No risk of disconnecting the earpieces! Reactivity and efficiency of the arbitration are maximized.

In the case of amateur or semi-amateur handball refereeing, VOKKERO has also created the SQUADRA ONE kit. It is a more affordable solution, with only one communication channel and without the option of encryption and storage of conversations.

Whether it is for professional or amateur handball referee ear kits, VOKKERO makes it a point to offer the best means of radio communication. In each kit, a patented noise filter is used to suppress interfering noises (particularly present during handball matches) and to keep only human voices. Communication is clear and understandable.

Our recommendation for a good handball refereeing radio headset

The VOKKERO ELITE professional referee communication kit is a set of referee headsets for handball. It includes micro earpieces with Push-to-Talk option, VOKKERO ELITE terminals, a configurator, chargers with power supply, adjustable stretch referee armbands, an adjustable elastic belt, and a soft carrying bag. Trust VOKKERO, the world leader in sports refereeing, to accompany you on the field!

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