Hearing protection: is custom-made protection compulsory in noisy environments?

Industry is an extremely noisy field of activity where every operator is required to wear high quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in order to protect their health. The question of customisation arises when it comes to ensuring optimal protection. But is it mandatory to have custom-made earplugs for working in a noisy environment

Tailor-made hearing protection in industry: what are the advantages?

Industrial environments that are too noisy are a great risk to the health of operators. In addition to the fatigue, headaches and stress generated, working in a noisy environment all the time can quickly damage hearing. Above 87 dB(A) or 140 dB(C), custom-made hearing protection such as moulded earplugs must be adopted to limit the risk of irreversible damage.

For an optimal solution, VOKKERO offers headsets that fit certain brands of moulded plugs. The protections are then perfectly adapted to the ears, while being easy to insert and remove thanks to the flexible and light materials used. Environmental noise is neutralised and operator comfort is assured.

The acoustic filtration level of custom-made industrial earplugs attenuates noise at the highest frequencies. They adapt to the operator’s environment and preserve the hearing of important signals through flat attenuation. This means that teams are not cut off from their environment and are warned of impending dangers.

VOKKERO hearing protectors are moulded earplugs that protect hearing, but also ensure team communication. The custom-made hearing protectors are simply coupled with the GUARDIAN STANDARD VOKKERO radio communication system: the full-duplex walkie-talkie designed and perfectly suited for team communication in industry. The device is equipped with a boom microphone that allows you to talk and interact with other callers. The noise-cancelling microphone suppresses unwanted sounds and promotes clear communication and optimum intelligibility.

Hearing protection

An alternative to custom-made hearing protection?

Although custom moulded earplugs are widely recommended for extremely noisy workplaces, there are equally effective solutions. VOKKERO, a specialist in radio communication, has teamed up with hearing protection professionals to offer high-quality headsets.

VOKKERO professional headsets are therefore real alternatives to custom-made earplugs for work in noisy environments. They provide real hearing protection for the greatest comfort of operators. They are designed with flexible foam and liquid filled sealing rings that intercept external noise for maximum hearing protection.

Professional headsets also ensure smooth communication, which is essential when working in teams in construction or during railway maintenance operations. The headset shells have been designed to have an optimised acoustic design and provide high attenuation of ambient noise. The microphone is also equipped with a noise filter to facilitate understanding.

The Active Volume option of the VOKKERO headsets is particularly interesting: it allows callers to hear low ambient noise (speech, machine noise), but intercepts sudden loud sounds, ensuring reliable monitoring of operations without compromising hearing protection.

Equipping yourself with hearing protection: the VOKKERO recommendation

VOKKERO offers effective hearing protection systems for every industrial situation, for clear communication and optimum hearing protection.

If you want to equip yourself with tailor-made earplugs for industrial work in extremely noisy environments, VOKKERO offers various solutions that ensure both communication and hearing comfort for operators.

If you opt for a solution that is not custom-made but is just as effective, the VOKKERO noise-cancelling headset will ensure impeccable audio quality by eliminating unwanted sounds in very noisy industrial environments.

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