How to choose the best full-duplex walkie talkie?

The walkie-talkie is the preferred communication system in many industries. Small, handy and light, it fits into all work equipment and suits. But not all walkie-talkies are compatible with all industries… Find out our tips for choosing the best walkie-talkie on the market.

Choose a professional walkie-talkie adapted to your industry

The first criterion in choosing the best professional walkie-talkie is its suitability for your daily business. Is the range sufficient? Do you have mounting accessories compatible with your PPE? Does it have a hands-free mode, or is it a PTT (Push to Talk) system? Are the radio terminals shockproof, waterproof and dustproof?
Three sectors of activity have particularly distinct needs for professional radio communication:

  • Industrial and medical sectors: teams are confronted daily with delicate and/or dangerous operations, during which every second counts. Choosing a professional walkie-talkie allows them to create a permanent and reliable conference, for an instantaneous transmission of information and a better safety of the people involved. ATEX certification may be required.
  • Broadcast and entertainment industry: Operators alternate between noisy environments and the need to be quiet. Live event management requires clear and instant communication. A professional walkie-talkie for the audiovisual industry therefore offers a choice of several settings, and an effective noise filter.
  • Sports refereeing, coaching, technical staff: several teams with very different objectives live together on the same field during a sports match. Their professional audio communication equipment must allow them to keep in constant contact within their group, in order to improve reactivity and decision making, without interfering with the others.

VOKKERO’s professional radio communication systems have been designed for each of these sectors of activity, as well as their specificities: patented anti-noise filter, digital data encryption by AES128 key, or the possibility of creating groups are some of the many features offered as standard.

But these three professional environments have certain criteria in common, notably the importance of team coordination and the need for reactivity; the successful completion of individual missions depends on it.

Utilisation d'un talkie-walkie full duplex

Full-duplex walkie talkie: the best option for permanent communication

In professional environments, it is best to opt for a full-duplex professional walkie talkie. A full-duplex professional audio equipment is a completely hands-free communication system, which allows you to transmit and receive at the same time, unlike half-duplex systems in Push To Talk. The exchange of information is smooth and immediate.

The various VOKKERO full-duplex walkie-talkies meet precisely these specifications, by combining a common base for all sectors of activity with the specificities of each one. They allow each operator to speak without constraint and at any time, without requiring manual handling. Combined with radio communication accessories such as earpieces or headsets, this professional audio equipment is completely forgotten by the teams. The sound is “cystal-clear” thanks to the anti-noise filter patented by VOKKERO, which eliminates parasitic noises and lets only the human voice pass through. Reactivity is multiplied, the team gains in cohesion and efficiency.

VOKKERO pushes the cursor one step further by going beyond professional expectations. The radio terminals are all Bluetooth compatible, in order to integrate a collaborator with his smartphone. And this is true regardless of the size of your current team: the number of users is unlimited. Each terminal can be designated as the referent radio terminal, in a very simple way, thanks to the charger-configurator. Finally, their 12-hour autonomy and their long range (up to 1.2 km) allow you to cover large areas without question.

The VOKKERO plus: a range of ATEX walkie-talkies, to ensure team communication in sensitive industrial environments in complete safety.

Utilisation d'un talkie-walkie full duplex

Buy the best full-duplex walkie talkie on the market: our recommendation

Each of the VOKKERO walkie talkies is designed for a specific sector of activity with specific constraints.

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD professional walkie-talkie kit nevertheless covers a number of features such as an unlimited number of users, the patented noise filter, a secure digital encryption as well as an alarm function (vibrating or beeping). This professional radio communication kit includes 5 to 8 radio terminals, 1 generic headset per user, 1 charger-configurator as well as an extension, and 1 reinforced waterproof case.

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