Industry: how to integrate your radio communication system into your PPE?

Military or civil security, noisy industry, construction, nuclear activity zones… whatever the field of activity, personal protective equipment (PPE) for industry is extremely necessary. It must be of high quality in order to protect workers against occupational risks.

Choosing the right communication system for industrial PPE

Workers in industrial fields of activity are most often required to wear PPE to protect them from all surrounding hazards. This industrial PPE, if poorly chosen, can complicate communication, cohesion, productivity, and even the prevention of an imminent and potentially fatal hazard. It is therefore essential to combine a communication system to promote team cohesion and ensure optimum safety. VOKKERO’s professional radio communication systems are perfectly suited to PPE in the industrial sectors.

The GUARDIAN STANDARD industrial walkie-talkie is a professional full-duplex radio communication system that puts user safety at the centre of its use. Full-duplex technology facilitates team communication and productivity. All workers equipped with the GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex walkie talkie can easily handle a live situation, as they can intervene at any time in the conversation without any manipulation required. The hands-free function of this industrial communication system offers the possibility of instant and continuous communication. This feature is necessary for industrial operators who often carry out precise manipulations and who would be penalised by a cumbersome communication system. With Bluetooth mode, this industrial walkie-talkie can accommodate external devices, which is particularly convenient!

Bluetooth simply allows headset or mobile phone to be connected to the guardian, but not to add more people to the conference. Equipped with an innovative patented noise filter, the GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex walkie-talkie eliminates all noise present in industrial environments and carries only human voices. It ensures crystal clear conversations, i.e. optimal communication. Understanding is immediate and the risk of error is greatly reduced. Its 12-hour battery life and robustness allow for uninterrupted daily use, making it the perfect walkie-talkie for industry.

Choosing industrial communication accessories that protect hearing

When working in noisy areas, protecting employees’ hearing is a priority. For safety reasons, they should wear industrial communication accessories that protect their hearing without cutting them off from their environment.

VOKKERO’s standard noise-cancelling headset is the perfect personal protective equipment for noisy industries such as construction or railway work, as it allows you to eliminate background noise while communicating with your team.

For the ultimate in personal protection, VOKKERO also offers earpieces with a high quality microphone. They are unique in that they can be combined with custom-moulded earplugs to provide even greater hearing protection. These industrial PPEs are strong and durable while protecting the wearer’s hearing. Their small size allows them to be easily integrated into mandatory suits and overalls. This is particularly useful in certain industrial areas such as nuclear areas or areas that generate fine particles that are hazardous to health, and which require PPE: overalls, protective gloves, etc. The radio communication accessories integrated into PPE must therefore be small and practical so as not to hinder operators or impede their protection.

Industrial communication system to be integrated into PPE: our recommendation

Here is our selection for a complete radio communication system integrated into industrial PPE:

  • The GUARDIAN STANDARD full-duplex industrial walkie-talkie, to communicate effectively in an industrial environment and prevent all risks.
  • Noise-cancelling headsets, for optimised acoustic protection.
  • The VOKKERO high quality headset, to provide your industrial teams with personalised personal protection equipment compatible with PPE such as moulded plugs
  • The ASO 400 Bluetooth headset which is wireless, lightweight and bone conduction for easy association with moulded earplugs

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