Industry professionals: in-ear or headset, how to choose?

In-ear microphones and headsets are essential in professional radio communication. Although the differences in use may seem minimal, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Professionals in the industry, nuclear industry and civil and military security, this comparison is made for you.

The in-ear microphone system: compactness for sensitive industrial operations

An in-ear monitor is a professional audio device that is inserted directly into the ear canal. VOKKERO in-ear microphones are two-ear radio systems with a highly sensitive microphone in one ear and a speaker in the other. The front of the mouth is thus completely free.

A headset with microphone is particularly useful when wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): helmets, ventilated suits, self-contained or scuba type, or breathing masks. The boom microphone is indeed incompatible with the wearing of protective equipment since the sound cannot be picked up in front of the operator’s mouth: its poor quality could lead to misunderstandings between operators and compromise the safety of all. The microphone of the micro earpieces, integrated in one of the earpieces, captures a clear sound and ensures a clear transmission of the information, without parasite noise. VOKKERO’s patented noise filter allows only the human voice to pass through.

Micro perche

It is possible to order a customized in-ear monitor, molded to your ear, for better comfort and optimal sound isolation.

In-ear microphones are mainly used in the industrial, military and civil security sectors. They are professional audio equipment appreciated for their small size, which allows them to be worn without discomfort under protective suits and helmets. Communication is done in full-duplex, i.e. with the microphones permanently open. The instantaneous exchange of information guarantees the safety of the teams and saves them time on their interventions.

The VOKKERO in-ear microphones are compatible with all the brand’s intercoms and full-duplex walkie-talkies.

The headset: comfort and hearing protection for noisy industrial environments

Headsets are instant communication systems available in single-ear or dual-ear versions. Unlike in-ear microphones, headsets have a boom microphone that is placed in front of the mouth.

Headsets differ from in-ear microphones in two respects: the location of the microphone, and the positioning of the microphone in the ear. A professional headset covers the entire ear of the industrial operator, thus isolating him or her from surrounding noise. For particularly noisy industries (construction, railway maintenance), it is recommended to use a dedicated noise-canceling headset with active noise reduction. The Volume-Active function of VOKKERO noise-canceling headsets amplifies soft sounds and attenuates loud noises. The so-called passive noise reduction is provided by flexible, foam and liquid-filled sealing rings. They are recommended when wearing PPE is not mandatory.

Radiocommunication dans l'industrie

The headsets are very comfortable communication equipment even when worn for long periods of time thanks to the studied design of the shells, and because there is no intrusion into the ear canal. Designed for industry professionals, they can be adapted to a number of specific cases: headsets with professional microphones that can be adapted to construction site helmets, etc.

The in-ear and headset kits are compatible with all VOKKERO full-duplex walkie-talkies, which have functions dedicated to industrial environments.

In-ear headset or headphones: our recommendation

If you work in construction, railway maintenance or any other noisy industrial environment, we recommend VOKKERO noise-canceling headsets. With active and/or passive noise reduction, the headsets protect operators’ hearing while facilitating inter-team communication. Discover our active noise reduction headset compatible with construction site headsets !

Arbitre sportif avec système de radiocommunication

You are looking for a professional radio communication system but you do not work in the industry? We offer a range of boom headsets, also suitable for use in sports (refereeing, coaching) or in the audiovisual sector. Please note that boom microphones are not compatible with the wearing of a helmet or a mask.

Our professional headsets and microphones are compatible with our professional full-duplex intercoms and walkie-talkies.

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