Professional audio equipment: why choose an intercom system?

The live management of an event requires the utmost efficiency to ensure the smooth running of the event. In the audiovisual field, several dozen people are generally mobilized simultaneously on different posts: production, sound, lighting, machinery, pyrotechnics… The key to a smooth and correctly managed event: effective communication, thanks to adapted audiovisual accessories.

Increase smoothness and efficiency with a full duplex intercom system

An intercom is a professional radio communication system that has proven its added value in many sectors: industry, sports and coaching, medical, aerospace… and audiovisual. A full duplex intercom allows to create an instant and permanent conference, which does not require manual intervention of the user during the speech. This wireless communication system frees up the technicians’ movements, and allows them to concentrate on the essential: the live management of the event.

VOKKERO has developed an intercom communication equipment with features dedicated to the audiovisual sector: the VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW. This intercom for the audiovisual sector benefits from all the VOKKERO technology, including its patented noise filter. The sound is filtered so as to let only the human voice pass through, communications are clear and intelligible even in very noisy environments. Similarly, the constitution of groups of users is possible. Each user can communicate and hear only within his group, or to everyone by switching to group 0. This is a must in a communication system, for a controlled operation management. The “Voice Priority” mode can also be activated on one of the radio terminals, in order to give communication priority to the director or the technical director, for example.

Professional audio equipment

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW communication equipment has three radio and audio presets dedicated to audiovisual activities: rigging, live and studio. Finally, the Bluetooth function is particularly useful for adding external speakers to your team via GSM or for pairing a Bluetooth accessory to your intercom.

Your professional audio equipment becomes a full-fledged member of your team, guaranteeing smooth operations, thanks to professional, full-duplex, hands-free radio communication.

Go further with VOKKERO stand-alone intercoms

In addition to the functionalities dedicated to the audiovisual sector, the VOKKERO intercoms have a particularity: they are professional radio communication systems known as “stand-alone”, therefore without a fixed station. Autonomous, these intercoms only require a charger-configurator – included in each kit – to be set up in just a few clicks. The radio terminal positioned in the first slot of the charger-configurator automatically becomes the referent terminal: it is assigned the communication priority and will redistribute the radio waves to the other terminals. This saves you precious installation and configuration time. It is a professional audio equipment recommended for temporary or outdoor events.

Professional audio equipment

Performance is not forgotten, since the range of the VOKKERO stand-alone intercoms is designed to cover a theater, a concert hall or an auditorium: up to 1.2km range, without an antenna or an intercom station. No risk of running out of battery at the wrong time thanks to a radio terminal autonomy of 10 to 12 hours. And of course, all communications are secure thanks to a reinforced digital encryption (AES128 key).

Compatible with all VOKKERO headsets and microphones, your professional audio equipment can be adapted to your desires: light microphones, one-ear headset, two-ear headset,…

Opt for a high-performance intercom system: our recommendation

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom is a radio communication system designed for audiovisual professionals, offering unlimited flexibility of use without compromising on performance. Multiple features such as the patented noise filter, Bluetooth compatibility and Voice Priority mode make it a radio communication system that has been acclaimed by major players in the audiovisual sector.

Professional audio equipment

For a complete professional audio equipment, we recommend the GUARDIAN SHOW full-duplex intercom kit. Consisting of 5 to 8 GUARDIAN SHOW intercoms, 1 single-ear headset per user, 1 configurator charger and 1 hard carrying case, this intercom kit will cover all your professional radio communication needs.

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