Rugby Europe: Complete HIA, TMO and audio field for rugby referees

TMO, HIA and audio field referees: VOGO secured Rugby Europe’s tender

Thanks to its historic collaboration with the LNR on the Top 14, the pro-D2, with the FFR on the Autumn Tours and the 6 Nations Tournament, and with the EPCR on the European Cups, VOGO secured Rugby Europe’s call for tenders at the end of 2020.

 Since 2021, and for 4 years, VOGO has thus been meeting the needs of the refereeing, medical and sports teams and providing solutions for the 15 Rugby Europe Championship matches of each season:

  • TMO (video refereeing)
  • HIA (concussion protocol video assistance)
  • Audio communication systems for referees

The Rugby Europe Championship brings together the 6 best European Rugby nations after the 6 Nations Tournament. It is the only European qualifying competition for the 2023 World Cup. This year, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands attended. In total, 15 matches in the respective countries of the represented nations.

CEO of Rugby Europe, Florent Marty:

“We are delighted with our collaboration with VOGO. Thanks to their 6 years of experience in the international rugby competitions industry, they have been able to offer us a system that meets our needs, adapts to the configurations in each of the participating countries and within our budgetary constraints.”

rugby europe outil d'assistance vidéo pour arbitre, staff médical et coach

Photo: Usage of our VOGO devices during the Europe Rugby Championship

For each of these matches, VOGO provided turnkey solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of Rugby Europe, based on its proprietary VOKKERO rugby referees audioand VOGOSPORT video technologies. VOGO has also arranged a dedicated technical team for each match, in charge of installing, operating and dismantling the equipment in the concerned stadiums.

A way for Rugby Europe to benefit from tailor-made services with a single provider, who masters the entire chain of solutions.

These projects are also an opportunity for VOGO to work live for some national federations, including the Sevens tournament in Madrid and a World Cup qualifying test-match Portugal-Japan.

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