Sports coaches, technical staff, referees: advantages of radio communication

Sometimes, victory depends on a strategic decision during the game. It is the sports team that will make the quickest decision. In these cases, the choice of an adapted communication system will make the difference: the more the equipment is adapted to the world of professional sports, the faster the decisions will be taken and transmitted!

Instant decision and mobility: the advantages of full-duplex radio communication

A professional full-duplex radio communication system can quickly make the difference during a sports meeting: unlike a Push-to-Talk solution, which requires handling and waiting time, the information transmitted thanks to full-duplex sports coaching equipment is instantly received and processed by the whole staff. The decision can then be validated and immediately implemented: your chances of victory increase significantly.

Similarly, the different referees present on the field increase their reactivity and work hand in hand: one of the referees will be able to spot a foul or a detail that has escaped his colleagues, posted at the other end of the field, and report it immediately. Another advantage for the referees, offered by full-duplex professional audio equipment, is that during a player-referee or coach-referee communication, the other referees can also hear the conversation. The referee’s work is no longer an addition of individual supervision, but a collective work.

In addition to the reactivity during a match, the mobility of the different actors (referees, coaches), allows a maximum coverage of the game area. The headset system frees up all the movements. Everyone is focused on his task while remaining permanently connected to the whole team, without having to think about it.

This mobility is particularly useful for coaching and training in water sports such as rowing. The distance between the sports coach and his team is completely eliminated by a full-duplex radio communication system. The Dutch Eight rowing team chose VOKKERO sports coaching equipment to assist them in their daily work, following their qualification for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. The coach instantly hears inter-team communications and can intervene to correct strategy or re-motivate rowers. Located on another boat, he immediately spots technical errors and reports them via his professional audio equipment. The training becomes more efficient and the chances of winning the competition increase significantly.

Utilisation d'un talkie walkie VOKKERO dans le sport

Choose a radio communication system dedicated to the sports world

If you are going to choose professional audio equipment, you might as well choose a radio communication system specifically designed for coaches, technical sports staff and the professional referees.

This is what VOKKERO proposes through two offers, both adapted to the technical constraints of official matches:

  • The VOKKERO ELITE, the new generation of radio communication systems designed by professional referees, for referees.
  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF, a radio terminal for technical teams in sports. An essential piece of equipment for sports coaches.

VOKKERO provides sports professionals with all its technology in terms of professional radio communication. Its patented anti-noise filter is unanimously acclaimed by users of VOKKERO systems: the algorithm only lets the human voice through. Communications are “crystal-clear”, leaving no room for doubt or extrapolation.

The high-quality earpieces and headsets offered as a complement to the radio terminals are light and solid. The earpieces can be custom-molded for long-lasting comfort and a perfect fit, even during sudden movements. Combined with the VOKKERO anti-noise technology, they perfectly isolate the teams from the surrounding noise. The ideal sports coaching and refereeing equipment!

The two VOKKERO sports radio systems offer the possibility of creating communication groups: medical teams, video referees… A radio terminal can be designated as having priority over all communications. Bluetooth compatibility allows external users to be added to existing groups: an ideal feature in the event of the temporary presence of a partner, for example.

Finally, communications are digitally encrypted with an AES128 key, which guarantees the confidentiality and security of exchanges. No risk of interference!

Coach avec casque VOKKERO

Buy a referee kit to communicate in sports: our recommendation

When it comes to professional audio equipment for sports referees, it’s hard to beat our VOKKERO ELITE. This complete professional referee kit brings together the latest generation of VOKKERO radio communication systems: HD broadcast audio quality, patented configurable noise filter, adjustable whistle sound level, integrated recorder to keep a history of conversations on SD card…

All of this comes with 5 earpieces, 1 Push-to-Talk earpiece, 5 armbands and 1 belt. The best of VOKKERO technology in a kit 100% dedicated to sports referees.

If you are looking for communication equipment for technical staff, the best solution will be the VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF kit specially designed for their needs.

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