The essential equipment to referee a basketball game

Refereeing a basketball game cannot be improvised. It requires an optimal organization and communication between the referees in order to be able to quickly check and process the different actions of the game, without hindering the game. Discover our advice and our radio communication products to ensure a good refereeing during your basketball games.

Referee your basketball games with a dedicated radio communication system

A professional basketball game requires a flawless organization. No loss of time is tolerated under penalty of compromising the progress of the game. The referees must therefore be extremely efficient; the basketball referees must wear a professional radio communication system to guarantee their reactivity and a good team communication.

VOKKERO has created the ELITE radio communication system, specially adapted for the sports environment, and designed by referees for referees. This new wireless communication system has the advantage of having an integrated recorder allowing to store in a SD card all the conversations between basketball referees. It is very robust and designed to limit all radio interference and untimely disconnections of the headsets.

Referee your basketball games with a dedicated radio communication system

The ELITE system offers optimal ease of deployment. Thanks to its touch screen configurator, it is quick and easy to add as many new radio terminals as you want. You can also create several distinct groups: referees, technical staff, medical teams… Thus, each group can freely exchange without disturbing the others. In case of emergency or general communication need, each radio terminal is able to address all groups simultaneously.

In addition, the ELITE system is manufactured with VOKKERO’s patented noise filter, which suppresses ambient noise and allows only human voices to pass through. This clarifies communication and improves the concentration of basketball referees during games that can be loud.

If you are officiating an amateur or semi-amateur basketball game, there is the SQUADRA ONE communication system. This more affordable kit does not have a data logging option and offers only one communication channel. It is extremely easy to use and is perfect for volunteer, amateur and semi-amateur basketball referees.

Adopt sport-specific radio communication accessories

Effective basketball refereeing also requires quality communication accessories.

VOKKERO offers micro boom headsets that are a great addition to your radio communication system. The quality of the earpieces affects the quality of the refereeing of a basketball game. A professional basketball referee must have a headset that facilitates exchanges between referees by filtering out surrounding noise in communications.

Micro-earpieces also answer these problems and are perfectly adapted to basketball games. They can be custom molded to ensure a perfect fit during a game. They are lightweight, yet extremely strong and robust. This means that pro basketball referees’ earpieces will not fall out and break. Finally, they are equipped with a high-end boom microphone, which limits noise thanks to a windscreen. The communication between referees is therefore as clear and efficient as possible.

VOKKERO also offers accessories that provide absolute comfort for referees during basketball games. Adjustable stretch armbands or adjustable elastic belts make wearing the communication system less cumbersome, while ensuring the protection of radio terminals.

Adopt sport-specific radio communication accessories

Investing in radio communication equipment to referee a basketball game: our recommendation

VOKKERO is the world leader in sports refereeing, and perfectly meets the needs of basketball referees.

In order to guarantee an optimal communication and to allow the good progress of a basketball game, we recommend you the VOKKERO ELITE communication kit. In this kit, you will find all the essential equipment to referee a game efficiently: ELITE radio terminals, Phonak microphones with push to talk, charger-configurator, armbands, belt, and carrying bag.

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