The VOKKERO GUARDIAN system, an essential prevention tool!

Botte Fondations operates throughout France and provides its customers with renowned expertise and skills: anchoring nails/rods, foundation piles/micropiles, pylon foundations, jet grouting, diaphragm walls/shoulders, quarry filling, soil freezing, underpinning, reconnaissance drilling, ground treatment and waterproofing.

Botte Fondations is present throughout France and is a local partner thanks to its six offices located in Chevilly-Larue (94), Lille (59), Marseille (13), Nantes (44), Lyon (69) and Bordeaux (33).

Drilling piles with a hollow auger

In the context of drilling piles with a hollow auger (deep foundations cast in place), the teams at Botte Fondations’ Northern branch, based in Lomme (59), sought a solution to avoid all risks associated with lifting and collision between machines and pedestrians. Since 2014, the teams have set up an effective communication system between the machine operators and the on-ground personnel.

We asked Mr Bruno Buemi, Construction Director at Botte Fondations Northern Agency, to give us his feedback on his experience of using the VOKKERO GUARDIAN system to deal with the challenges of the construction industry. Here is his testimony:

“The VOKKERO GUARDIAN communication system allows us to communicate with each other instantly and without the need for manual activation. Unlike a traditional walkie-talkie, it offers the possibility for several people to speak simultaneously, without having to press a single button. The smoother communication between team members allows for greater productivity through instantaneous communication, which reduces the need to travel. This system also guarantees the auditory protection of our teams, who can secure machine movement and lifting manoeuvres by maintaining permanent communication, as if they were next to each other. Nowadays, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN system has become an essential prevention and production tool for our drilling teams”.

Bruno Buemi

Construction Director at Botte Fondations Northern Agency

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