VAR solutions for football

Since obtaining VAR, VAR Light and VOL certifications awarded by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) in the summer 2023, VOGO has taken a decisive step towards being a renowned international player in video refereeing for federations, leagues and competition organizers. VOGO thus deploys its audio and video solutions to assist with refereeing decisions in football. VOGO deploys its audio and video solutions to assist refereeing decisions in football.

What is VAR in football ?

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) allows sports referees to view images captured by TV cameras to help them in their refereeing decisions. In football, VAR rules are defined by IFAB (International Football Association Board). It is used in 5 types of situations: in the event of an obvious error or a serious incident missed for goals, penalties, direct red cards or errors of identity on sanctions.

According to the rules of IFAB, the main referee is the only one who can request the video: the video assistant referees can only suggest to analyze the images. And the final decision always comes down to the main referee on the pitch ! And the final decision always rests with the football referee on the pitch!

VAR is also used for decisions around off-side situations, the “VOL” or “virtual offside line”.

VAR operations take place in the VOR room (Video Operation Room): the video assistant referee (VAR) and his team (AVARs for assistant VAR and ROs for replay operators) have access to images from the TV cameras to review the actions and assist the field referee in his decisions. In certain cases, the images viewed by the VAR are transmitted to the field referee on the RRA (Referee Review Area).

Football, leader in innovation for sports refereeing.

The FIFA, International Federation of Association Football, is the Federation which manages and develops football, but also futsal and beach soccer, throughout the world. It also organizes the biggest football competitions, such as World Cups. Football is the first sport that pushed the set up and rules of video refereeing, under the coordination of FIFA and IFAB.

VAR is developing in football

Thanks to FIFA, the VAR football solutions extend and develop in all championships and competitions. Today there are two VAR systems authorized by FIFA in an official match: standard VAR, with a minimum of 4 cameras positioned around the pitch, VAR, AVAR and RO, and VAR Light, with lighter configuration in terms of hardware and staff.

What is VAR Light?

VAR Light is a more accessible video assistance solution than standard VAR. . It requires less equipment and fewer human resources, with simpler handling. It therefore makes it possible to deploy a VAR process for numerous competitions and leagues and becomes affordable for the most restricted budgets. VAR Light is for example implemented for the League 1 Championship of the Estonian Football Federation.

VAR solutions for football developed by VOGO

From 2018, VOGO has been involved in the first tests of VAR Light with FIFA and participated in tests with the KNVB in the Netherlands and the AFC in Jordan. In 2023, VOGO obtained FIFA certifications for its video solution VOGOSPORT ELITE, as VAR, VAR Light and VOL solutions, valid for 4 years.

Today, VOGO offers its VAR solutions in a centralized model (1 central PC for the VOR Room for all stadiums) or decentralized (One VOR Room in each stadium), with all possible configurations, depending on the needs of customers and competitions.

With its global VAR solutions that combine the video replay solution VOGOSPORT ELITE and the audio communication system VOKKERO ELITE, VOGO provides professional football referees with valuable assistance in their decision-making and thus helps guarantee fair and equitable refereeing.. These tailor-made offers meet specific needs of organizers and international requirements.

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