VOGO intercoms: dedicated solutions for technical teams in shows, TV broadcasts, festivals…

In order to run an event in smooth conditions, it is essential to maintain effective communication between the technical teams. The organizers as well as the technicians at different positions must be able to communicate in real time using cutting-edge technology. 

To this end, VOGO, the company specializing in intercoms for football referees, broadcasts, festivals and other live events, provides a complete range of professional solutions. We offer different types of intercoms for various activities and sectors. The VOKKERO SHOW is an example of an intercom that is very popular with professionals in the field of event management business.

VOGO, the specialist of intercom systems for professionals

VOGO is an international company specialized in audio and video solutions for different markets such as sport, industry and audiovisual. Founded in 2013, the specialist of intercom systems provides cutting-edge equipment for technical teams covering cultural events, sports events, TV shows and broadcasting…

In order to hold a successful event, instant communication among the various technical and production professionals is needed. That’s the reason why the intercom is essential equipment for professionals in the events field.

Coming from the union of “internal” and “communication”, an intercom is designed to conduct efficient communications among the team working on an event. Individuals stationed around different posts can communicate clearly in real time. With the professional intercommunication device designed by VOGO, high quality communication can be set up. Our company offers different solutions for technicians at an event: broadcast intercom, event intercom system, helmet intercom system…

One of the best equipment from VOGO is the VOKKERO SHOW, a dedicated intercom system for cultural events, sports events and production audiovisuals.

VOKKERO SHOW, an intercom system for technical teams

The stand-alone digital wireless intercom system VOKKERO SHOW is essential for any audiovisual productions and live cultural events. The technical team supply is designed to enable clear and intelligible hand free-communication during any kind of events. Easy to carry, this intercom system comes with a full range of features:

  • noise filters,
  • voice priority mode,
  • Bluetooth compatibility,
  • radio and audio presets,
  • digital encryption for security,
  • alarm (can vibrate or beep)…

Thanks to its features, the event organizer supply is suitable for all communication needs in various fields. It can be used in live shows, cultural events, sports events, audiovisual productions… With quality microphone and headset, this professional product is suitable for both noisy environments and quiet studios.

What sets VOKKERO SHOW apart from other intercom systems?

Rapid implementation is one of the advantages of this digital events supply from VOGO that is designed to replace a wired intercom station. With the predefined configurations, a team can set up a conference in less than 3 minutes. This intercom system is the one of the best solutions to avoid delays while holding an event.

The wireless intercom system with headsets enables clear communication. Because only one channel is not enough for multiple groups, the device provides multiple channels (with four groups per channel) for unlimited users. Our hand-free equipment can optimize the productivity and safety of teams during their live events:

  • sound and lighting technicians,
  • stage managers,
  • artistic directors,
  • security managers…

The settings are customizable so that professionals can make it meet their specific needs. Noise filtering and other professional audio features are the reasons why many events solutions specialists have chosen VOKKERO SHOW for their teams. Last but not least, the event radio kit can be used for outdoor events, festivals, theatres, or all kinds of audiovisual productions.

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