VOKKERO GUARDIAN, a product designed for team communication

VOGO is a company specializing in designing and marketing solutions to enhance on-site communication and increase safety in the construction industry. One of our best audio solutions dedicated to professionals on construction sites is the VOKKERO GUARDIAN, a cutting-edge radio communication system available in two versions.

VOKKERO GUARDIAN is built for different types of enterprises in construction such as General constructors, Deep Foundation Work specialists, Construction Management companies, Engineering firms, Residential or Commercial Constructors, and so on.

The radio communication system comes with a patented noise filter that ensures clear and intelligible communication between construction teams. Our industrial mobile walkie-talkie’s audio features can be customized by construction teams to meet their specific needs.

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN range has a VOKKERO GUARDIAN Plus variant, specifically designed for military and emergency management. It features special functionalities dedicated to the good communication within emergency or military teams on difficult fields:

  • HD audio: 16khz,
  • Range: up to 1.2 km,
  • Autonomy: up to 12 hours,
  • Transmitter power: 10 to 500 Mw.

In addition to the hand-free wireless and full duplex intercom, we offer a wide range of accessories including earpieces, headsets, noise-cancelling headsets, ear protections… Professionals working on a construction site can easily find the hearing protection they need in VOGO’s stock.

Construction worker on a noisy site

Make construction teams more productive with the right equipment

Communication via radios is as important in individual home construction business as in the public building industry. Walkie-talkies are essential because they help workers to be way more productive. 

A professional radio communication system can optimize the coordination of teams by ensuring a real-time transmission of information. This is absolutely necessary to smoothly run procedures, save a considerable time, and gain efficiency.

Thanks to VOKKERO GUARDIAN walkie-talkies, every single worker on the construction site is always aware of his colleagues’ position and progress. He can instantly get instructions while working, talk to his teammates, and provide useful information to the management team at any moment. 

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN Standard or Plus is a construction supply that guarantees the transmission of information over long distances. The presence of obstacles such as thick walls, elevator shafts, or even a building cannot reduce the quality of communication. In noisy environments, this hand-free radio communication system offers a clear and intelligible audio quality.

Industrial radio communication systems, a matter of safety

Using a professional walkie-talkie is vital for safety in sensitive industrial operations. Professional radios in construction sites are designed to maintain optimal safety by helping teams communicate in real-time. 

VOKKERO GUARDIAN does not only protect workers by facilitating communication in the event of an alert or delicate handling. The product is specially built for noisy environments, meaning that it comes with features to protect workers from loud noise.

In noisy construction environments, people’s health and well-being is a serious matter. Loud noise can damage ear and hearing abilities but also put people’s lives at risk. A professional radio communication system with integrated hearing protection and noise-cancelling headsets is required. VOGO proposes VOKKERO headsets, earpieces, and various items to smoothly combine advanced acoustic protection with wireless communication. The intercoms with integrated noise filters as well as the noise-cancelling headsets can protect construction team workers’ health by lowering noise level and optimizing concentration.

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