What communication device should be incorporated into your protection equipment?

Protective equipment on a worksite is made up of numerous elements to effectively protect operators. But safety also depends on good intra-team communication. It is therefore essential to add a professional communication system to the physical protection equipment.

The VOKKERO communication system and noise-cancelling worksite helmets are a safe bet if you’re looking for communicative hearing protection. Robust yet lightweight, they are specially designed for use in the construction and public works sectors and in railway maintenance.

Adopt a radio communication system adapted to construction sites

Construction sites are workplaces that require professional protection, but also a communication system. To keep detailed track of what is being done on a worksite, each operator must be equipped with a radio communication device in addition to their personal protective equipment.

Integrating the GUARDIAN STANDARD VOKKERO full-duplex walkie-talkie into your site protection equipment is an ideal professional solution for coordinating teams and monitoring live operations on a construction or maintenance site.

The full-duplex technology of this radio communication system is a major advantage for operators, who can listen and talk without having to press a button. Communication is instantaneous, and crew members can carry out their work without discomfort.

The GUARDIAN STANDARD walkie-talkie can also be considered as a piece of site protection equipment in its own right, as it features a patented anti-noise filter. This filter intercepts and eliminates all ambient noise. The hearing of all conference operators is protected and communication is clear, as only human voices are transmitted.

The radio communication system is extremely simple to set up. To set up a conference, simply place each of the walkie-talkies required on the VOKKERO charger-configurator: in just 30 seconds, they can be ready to be taken into the field. The GUARDIAN STANDARD can accommodate an unlimited number of users during a conference, making it ideal for both small and large-scale sites.

Integrating the GUARDIAN STANDARD walkie-talkie into your protection and communication equipment for worksites is the best choice for clear and simple communication. However, it must be combined with several accessories to maximise its effectiveness.

Choosing communication and protection accessories for construction sites

Most work sites require you to wear PPE: overalls, goggles, masks, etc. The equipment can quickly add up. The equipment can quickly become unwieldy, depending on the specific features of each site: construction, railways, etc. By combining hearing protection and a radio communication system, you can simplify your teams’ day-to-day work and ensure their safety, whatever their working environment.

To have a complete communication system within your protection equipment, it is essential to combine full-duplex walkie-talkies with noise-cancelling site helmets or moulded earplugs.

VOKKERO provides active noise-cancelling headsets for railway and construction site operators. The special feature of this type of noise-cancelling construction site headset is that it picks up all ambient noise, and instantly intercepts sudden sounds that are too loud and potentially harmful to hearing, even if the noise does not disappear completely. This means that all operators can follow the work being done on site in complete safety.

VOKKERO active earmuffs fit perfectly into the category of worksite protection equipment and offer a number of advantages. Their slim shells with optimised acoustic design and flexible seals filled with foam and liquid ensure the best possible protection for operators. Long-lasting comfort is also ensured thanks to the cushions fitted to anti-noise worksite helmets.

Active earmuffs also ensure smooth communication. Even in extremely noisy environments, noise-cancelling construction site headsets offer optimum audio quality and effectively transmit the human voice to all operators equipped with a radio communication system.

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