It includes a noise-canceling microphone for enhanced audio robustness in noisy environments.


  • Rail
  • Nuclear
  • BTP / TP
  • Industry
  • Sports

Full duplex

Users can communicate at all times with the microphone open (full duplex), while their hearing is protected.


Lightweight headset to combine with custom earplugs

Noise cancelling

Ultra-rugged noise-cancelling microphone


No need to remove hearing protection to communicate

Technical specifications

  • Microphone type: electret
  • Microphone operating voltage: 3-10VDC
  • Microphone type: pressure-sensitive noise-cancelling microphone
    Cable: 2.3MM/1200 PU/Kevlar
  • Wind protection foam
  • INTERSON custom-molded earplugs
  • Custom-molded earplugs not included